SirFedora’s Reaction to Getting 3-5 Likes

This kid is  spazzing out that he got 1 like on a YouTube video he made. He then hoped to get 3-5 and wound up with 59,000.  Is that a cable car hanging in his room?


Reaction After Blowing Up

I wouldn’t have made this post if I didn’t see his next video. It’s his reaction to getting 45 Twitter followers.


Blowing Up Through the Roof

I’m pretty sure this is how I’d react if I got 45 twitter followers after a good night’s rest.  How did he make this happen is what he asks?  Lord must question his intelligence because he can’t even explain how to link things properly he is so wired.


He is now up to 6,000 followers and I’m pretty certain this is just the beginning of his run. His followers go up by about 25 every minute and I’d expect 25k more followers  once he gets rolling. Being young, funny, enthusiastic, and fat is the new combination for followers. As I sit with 40 total followers, I’m taking notes.The kid now has 23k youtube subscribers and can’t contain his excitement.  100 likes? This kid needs an agent. Is there no school anymore?