Hypothetically she looked like this with brown hair.

Hypothetically she looked like this with brown hair.

I’ve been hitting the gym on a regular basis and there’s a cute girl who I’ve seen probably the last 4 times I’ve gone which is both good and bad. It’s good because she likes to work out but it’s bad because my schedule isn’t that routine that I go the same time and she’s always there. I get the feeling she may be a gym rat which is better than the complete opposite but I think she’s pretty dedicated.

I’ll run on the treadmill and and I’ve seen her before on the elliptical. She’s stood out to me because she works the machine pretty good for a girl and she’s got a tight body. So I’m getting my run in and after about 2 miles I see her leave the elliptical and she takes a treadmill 3 to my right. Something was wrong with the machine and she had to leap frog a person and take the one right next to me. I’m already midway through my workout so there wasn’t any hello or anything but it was pretty coincidental she ended up right next to me.

Remember, she’s already logged time on the elliptical and now she was pumping out 8.0 mph on the treadmill which is fast for most people let alone a girl who just worked out for at least 15 minutes that I saw. I sweat like a beast on the treadmill so I have to wipe my brow every minute or two which isn’t typical but it’s way better than the opposite. I also watch either the Nature Channel or the Game Show Network when I run so I had on The Chase and Family Feud followed it. As my run was ending I noticed that she went from the news to Family Feud.funny-photos-of-i-may-have-to-start-watching-family-feud-again-240x240 If she didn’t turn to Family Feud, I would have never made this post. It was either once again complete coincidence or she was trying to make a connection. The thing about it is, I wasn’t coming up with any suave opening lines and I’m dripping head to toe and the situation felt weird for a conversation or even an introduction. Considering I’ve seen her 4 times the last 5 days I’ve gone, I think it’s safe to say I’ll see her again. Using Family Feud as the opener would have been pretty good but she also is a work out nut so I could probably work that angle too. The gym’s always been a strange place to pick up chicks in my opinion but the good thing is at least they are trying, or in this case getting, in good shape. Any good gym openers?

I was also dumfounded when Sam and Gourlay had never seen Can’t Hardly Wait so this is a good example of this situation and what I described on Saturday.

55:30 is the exact scene I was referring to. The movie is worth a watch and the JLH kiss scene at the end was never forgotten.