When you work 40 hour weeks for 5 straight years you adopt attitude towards life that differs to when you were just getting out of college or starting work. What happens is that you begin to see how business professionals act and how everyone is out for themselves. When you leave school you’re surrounded by friends and people who you socialize with (good or bad they most likely aren’t in your wallet), when you enter the working world the people you interact with are business minded. They may act like your friends but most likely they could care less. Most people will smile and treat you like gold to earn the business but once you let them in, the smiles are over and it’s all about the money.

Some examples. Insurance agents will sell you the policy with the biggest premium so that it fattens their wallets even if the coverage may be over done. My opinion is to not use an agent and to go direct to a company like Geico because claims come along so infrequently and even when they do the insurance companies will try to screw you anyway. The agent just adds to the premium to the policy. Next up lawyers. Lawyers care about one thing, billable hours. Show me one higher up of a law firm who would get upset at a team member for over-billing a client. I’m not saying all lawyers do this but if you ask them to look at a document for you and they are behind closed doors reviewing it, how is the client supposed to know if he’s being billed appropriately. Also, if a situation arises where they know there is a cheaper alternative but they can get paid for doing the work, a conflict of interest arises and this is where it will show what type of relationship you have with your lawyer. A final example, the financial planner. Why would you pay someone to put your money in mutual funds and give him a percentage of your principal when it’s simple to do it yourself. The financial planner doesn’t care so much if you make money because he’s getting paid either way. The easiest way to prove what kind of a relationship you have a with a professional is to take away the business from the person and see how they react. If they get pissed off and make a scene, they were never your friend in the first place.

A final word on bullshit. This new health act is revolutionary? You are now being forced to have health insurance or else “they” will impose a fine. You’d think it would be your right as a citizen to decide if you want health insurance or not. I understand the point that if you get badly injured without insurance it puts the medical world in a moral dilemma but this bill is giving going to help 32 million people get health insurance. Where is this money coming from for these people? My uneducated guess is it comes out of the the working peoples paycheck to insure the poor peoples laziness. I am so far out of my element when discussing matters like this but our nation is being manhandled (and fucked up) by the gov’t and I really can’t wait to see what the future holds.

I also understand that everyone does need to survive and it’s up to the individual to make something out of their self by any means necessary. I’m not blaming or criticizing anyone, I’m just pointing out that this is how our society is run and to think otherwise is turning a blind eye. People who you can truly trust are hard to come by.