I’m not even sure where to begin with in this post.  No football on Sunday’s is awful.  I’m watching Billy Madison and the Hard Charge Mud Run currently and that’s about as low as it gets.  I’ve never realized how much spare time Sunday brings with no football.  Not to mention I feel like a turd from yesterday which is just adding to the boredom.  Yesterday was one of those days that should have been fun but didn’t end up fun.  Sam and Gourlay came over early yesterday and everything was going fine.  We were day drinking and things were good.  The Cohen’s came over and we played a hold em tourny which was also all in good fun.  When we left to go to the concert, I’m not sure what happened.

Evan got me a drink at a bar and then I pretty much disappeared by myself in a wave of people.   I couldn’t see anything and I was pretty shit faced hanging out by myself.  At some point I left, went back, and fell asleep only to get a 2nd wind and start playing some drinking games at around 7pm is my guess.  I passed out after an hour or two of that and then some madness happened that I wasn’t much apart of.  We pissed the neighbors off for an umpteenth time and the new toilet that just got installed on Friday won’t flush properly anymore.  The top step of my stairs is a huge liability and I’m just happy no one got seriously injured.  I can’t even type properly right now and I’m happy to just write anything at this point.  Until tomorrow when I’ll be feeling a bit more chipper.