Shia LaBeouf Sitting Outside Friend's House

After reading this Yahoo article on Shia Lebeouf titled Shia Can’t Win Internet, Just Gives Up, I’m getting the impression maybe he’s not as stupid as he seems.  A few weeks ago I read briefly about him skywriting an apology to Daniel Clowes who I hadn’t heard of.   He apologized for his creation (and plagiarism) of a shortfilm called which people noticed as a close similarity to Justin M. Damiano, a 2007 comic by Ghost World creator Dan Clowes.

I am sorry Daniel Clowes

I am sorry Daniel Clowes

After the skywriting apology, he started to tweet countless apologies to other celebs with words that were  STOLEN from past celebrity apologies, including Lena Dunham, Kanye West, Russell Crowe, and Eliot Spitzer.  The Yahoo article then writes this interesting tidbit about Seth Rogen writing, “This is by far the most I’ve been entertained by Shia LaBeouf.”  Does anyone see what I’m seeing here?  To cap it all off, he tweeted out these tweets to end his campaign.



And then he tweeted out:

So after saying he was stopping, he then tweeted something about stopping which is obviously not stopping.  I’m not sure his actions can be taken at the surface anymore which is obviously what Yahoo did in their article.  It sort of feels like he’s having an Amanda Bynes meltdown but he’s doing it a bit more sophisticated.  I put myself in his position and after not expecting to get caught plagiarizing, he knows Hollywood is going to turn against him.  Rather than lay low key and hope it passes which is a huge if, he’s taking the initiative creating his own spin on it.  He’s taken the attention away from the actual plagiarism fiasco and putting it on his irrelevant feuds with other celebrities which is virtually meaningless.

His career has lost some of its momentum since 2011.  I haven’t seen any of his recent movies but I’ve also never even heard of them.  His was critically acclaimed which probably hurts his pride that he boosted it.  He’s by no means a dumb guy and if he’s not on drugs, I just think that there is something more behind his behavior.  Maybe I’m wrong but there is usually more than meets the eye. I even watched HowardCantour to get an idea of how good the work was… it was decent and probably better if I understood the movie references. Maybe I’ll watch Jamie Damiano and write an edit.