Some people try to keep up with technology and others purposely fall behind.  They think it’s an inconvenience.  I’ve never understood resisting tech because what gains in popularity has some function that makes life easier. There is nothing more important in life than time and items that make processes simpler should be used.  New things scare stupid people.  I’ve compiled a list of a few must have of 2014. Sadly some of these have been around for years but I guarantee everyone who reads this doesn’t have them.

Paypal Account

Paypal has been operating for 16 years and the company who owns it, Ebay, is worth 5.6 billion. Not having a Paypal account is essentially saying that you have no interest making any financial transactions over the internet. It’s resisting the combination of two of the most important concepts in life, money and the internet. Paypal let’s you pay other people for debts, contests, and other expenses by transferring through accounts. Many companies accept Paypal during the checkout process which makes your transaction more secure. I recently made a donation to Wikipedia using Paypal and the money is deducted straight from my bank account. It took under 1 minute. If you have never opened a Paypal account, I’d guess you were a coal miner or on a fishing boat.


EZ Pass


This picture says it all.  “If you guys don’t have EZ Pass, just ring your call button and Tommy will come back there and hit you on the head with a tack hammer because you’re a retard.”  There is not one single reason you can give not to have EZ Pass.  It costs nothing and you don’t have to wait in lines on the turnpike.  If you still get a ticket, you might have a mental issue that you should get checked out.  Ck4 used to say, “I don’t take the turnpike.”  Guess what, you should still have it just in case.




If you watch television, especially sports, you need a DVR box.  The ability to stop and start live TV makes the experience that much more enjoyable.  Sometimes action will happen in sports and you’ll have your head turned and miss the climax.  Being able to rewind makes sure you don’t miss a thing.  The disappointment you feel when a friend does not having a DVR box when something happens and you can’t go back is worth the 10 dollars a month.   Off topic, I just cancelled my sports package which during football season is unbelievably worth the 9 dollars for Red Zone.


Twitter, Netflix, and Spotify Account


Twitter, Netflix, and Spotify are all minor investments and are well worth the cost.  Facebook is lame and people should turn to Twitter because the content is more concise and relevant.  Plus it costs nothing.  Someone texted me today saying that they thought my tweets weren’t bad and I told them to follow me and I’ll follow them.  They said they didn’t have an account.  Well fucking open one!  It costs nothing.  Netflix is a minor investment but the beauty is that multiple people can all share an account.  I haven’t been using it as frequently as of late but for shows like Orange is the New Black, Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, and others, I got my money worth.  I won’t harp on Spotify much because people are honestly too stupid to understand how much better of a listening experience it is.  The social aspect of playlists is so money that people can’t comprehend it.  Itunes and Pandora are sad compared to it.


Amazon Credit Card

Amazon Credit Card

I’m not a sold on this one as the other ones but if you use Amazon, everything is one click during checkout.  I assume it may be the same with every other credit card but I wouldn’t know because I only use my Amazon card when I shop on Amazon.  Can anyone chime in with what happens with a regular card?