I’m writing this drunk at 12:40 but everything i have to write is accurate and I’m backspacing anything that is incorrect. I always had a good impression of females, but tonight I’ve changed my tone. I was talking to a lady who went to Villanova and she was a nice girl. We talked for a couple minutes and then she asked to feel my muscle. I’m certainly not the biggest guy but after she felt it she backed away. I said what’s wrong and she gave no comment so I called her shallow. She negotiated with her friend for a minute and then she slapped me across the face. This is a good indicator of how girls think. I called her shallow because all she cared about was muscles, which I’m right, and she had the nerve to slap me. From now on I can’t look at another girl in a light that is good. If you have these kind of genders walking around, the make up has to be similar. I always thought it was kind of a joke that girls were irrational, illogical, and for what I’ve seen impractical, this is just the nature. It’s always going to be in the back of my mind that girls have a front and a bullshit way. From a guys opinion I will relate to a lot of I words.

* I just reread this this morning and I’m not going to edit anything even though the end seems to go off on a bit of tangent. My new goal in life is to think of as many words that start with I that describe females. Immoral, idiotic, improper, inferior, incapable, icy, impossible, and inconsiderate.