I want to go over various restaurants, actresses, musicians etc. who are overrated and underrated.


Kings of Leon – This isn’t a new group to the scene. They have made 4 albums over the past 7 or so years and the latest was the only one that produced hits. I agree wholeheartedly that Sex on Fire and Use Somebody are very good songs but I’ve listened to some of their earlier stuff and it’s not up to snuff. Decent band, lot of hype.

Angelina Jolie – I remember telling the Rock that in Tomb Raider her boobs were stuffed and he was in disbelief. Bottom line is that she’s just not that attractive. I find her acting to be average as well. She married Billy Bob which is a bizarre move and now adopts foreign ethnic babies for the fun of it. Strange character and I just don’t see the allure in her.

Jon and Kate – First off, I’ve seen the show a couple times and it just seems like a terrible show with a couple using their kids for fame. I’m happy the marriage didn’t work and I hope they both fade into oblivion. I know Kate is doing Dancing with the Stars which is bothersome because the only reason she’s famous is for popping 8 kids out of snatch. They’ve done nothing to deserve all the attention and they fall into the fame category with the hot air balloon gimmick people and the couple who got into the presidential dinner. I would also like to add that if it wasn’t for the Erin Andrews peep show, she’d never be on Dancing with the stars. That’s how it works ladies, show your goods and become famous.

Pizza Hut is vastly overrated in my mind. I think their pizza is too fluffy and the cheese is very average. I think I liked their cheese crust but anytime someone mentions how much they like Pizza Hut I cringe a little. I lived off of American beer and Domino’s for a year in college and I turned out all right so I may be a bit partial.

I’m going to write that Oakleys are overrated but I think sunglasses in general, as a fashion statement, are stupid. If you are driving in a sunny location, playing the outfield, or are going to the beach, I can see the need for sunglasses. What I don’t see is why people spend hundreds of dollars on sunglasses so they can wear them everywhere (inside?) because they think they look cooler. This was kind of off base of my overrated topic but I still wanted to point this out.

Nirvana and tool are bands that I never really thought were as amazing as everyone else. I’ve heard a fair amount of Nirvana’s songs and I just can’t hear anything mind blowingly spectacular. Smells like teen spirit, come as you are, lithium are all good songs but overrated in quality, probably due to the spectacle that was Kurt Cobain. And I haven’t listened to tool for any length of time but from what I have heard it is nothing I would want to hear again.

Subway has weak food. You ask a bunch of Indian’s to make you a regular, nothing special, hoagie and that’s what Subway is. The meatball sub is weak, their portions suck, their prices are bearable but not unbeatable. Nothing great here in my mind.


Arby’s curly fries are dynamite. Mixing them with Ketchup and I think you have the best fast food fry. I eat their chicken bacon Swiss and I think that’s a great sandwich as well. They have a wide array of choices on their menu and the price isn’t horrible. I don’t find them around the Philly area too much but I had it when I was in New Orleans and it reminded me of how I used to get it all the time in Pittsburgh.

Mac & Cheese is underrated because of it’s value and it’s taste. Wagon and I buy these giant trays of it at Sam’s club and it acts as an entire meal and it’s a rarity if we finish the entire tray in one sitting. Good product that I’ve liked throughout my entire life

People don’t know about Journey. They know about Don’t Stop Believing but that’s it. These guys can really break it down on guitar. I don’t know much about playing music but if you took their songs and translated them to guitar hero tracks, kids would be at a loss for how well Journey plays. Just the Same Way and Stone in Love are good songs most people don’t know about. They have a lot of shitty songs as well for what it’s worth.

A good wallet is underrated. If you have a beaten up old wallet it just shows that you aren’t used to carrying anything important (money, credit cards…) because you don’t have any respect for where you put the essentials. If you have holes in the wallet it is a good idea to upgrade so no mishaps occur. I don’t get the money clip by the way.

Bose headphones may run you a hundred bucks but if you use headphones on planes or tight places, it’s necessary to have headphones that don’t allow the music to carry out. I feel like most people just use the pair that came with the playing device but once you have a quality pair of headphones it’s hard to go back. I can thank my days of SOF2 for this understanding. You can’t run with the Bose Noise Cancellers which is an obvious drawback.

Elisha Cuthbert’s boobs are underrated, enough said.

The flash drive is a piece of technology that allows you transport data with ease. If you don’t own a flash drive, you either don’t understand the usefulness or you don’t do anything useful.

If you are a subway fan you disagree with this last one but I think Quizno’s makes a very good sandwich. I like how it gets toasted, I like the sauces, I like how it melts, I like the taste. Good in my book.