I have a couple of things to point out that are somewhat amusing.

I purchased a new vehicle on Tuesday.  I got the 09 TL and struck a deal similar to my last deal.  My dealership stories weren’t that amusing but I decided to give the business to the salesman who gave me the fairest quote upfront.  I probably could have worked a better deal with some more patience but I think it was ok.  I also swapped my car insurance to Geico where I’m now paying 550 for a 6th month policy.  The wagon is in disbelief and can’t understand how a company would insure me.  However my driving record is flawless and I’ve been driving for 9 years without incident.


I go to the post office on 7th and spring garden.  This isn’t the best area of town and I sort of stick out like a sore thumb but it’s easier to delivery priority mail there instead of on Market where it’s hectic.  So there’s only one worker and a line of about 5 when I get there.  Stamps went up to 44 cents on Monday so there is a whole lot of commotion amongst the people.  To make things better the post office isn’t selling 1 and 2 cent stamps.  Then one guy out of nowhere says “do they tell the public this stuff? (meaning the rate changes)  I just looked at him and said I guess not.  It’s amazing how some information is easy to find with an internet connection but this part of Philly isn’t so lucky.