Here’s Lebron dunking on Paul Millsap last night:

Here is Millsaps’ Tweet:

This example is why Twitter is so powerful. A player gets posterized and can respond to what happened in something other than an interview. The majority of the world would have no idea what is going through the mind of Paul Millsap after getting Lebron’s nut sack on his forehead. An interview is only watched by people who tune into sports stations. So unless you are watching Sportscenter, you probably aren’t realizing that Millsap got got. Twitter allows him to make this post and then have knuckleheads like me find his tweet, and snowball the tweet so everyone knows he got owned last night. This isn’t something that you can overlook.

Twitter holds legitimacy over Facebook and is quickly becoming the #1 social media for news and info. Facebook joined friends together and people are over having friends. Twitter brings relevant content and newsworthy pieces from people you care about together. Is Paul Millsap’s reaction to getting dunked on something I care about? Not exactly but on a slow news day, why not? Paul Millsap being able to speak out to the world about what happened in a form of media that isn’t sports television is my point. This idea is what is vaulting Twitter. Getting reactions from people on events all in one place. It’s a combined form of media that is unlike anything else. If you don’t have Twitter and you read this blog and don’t follow me, join year 2014 and the Twitter experience. I was anti-twitter at first but have come on board because it’s not very time consuming and much more interesting than Facebook. The better social media will rise to the top.