He's just a little guy,

He’s just a little guy,

I’m not sure how obvious this is but the first thing that I thought when the Cowboys announced that Romo was hurt on Monday was, “why on Earth are the Cowboys telling us this?” This isn’t the kind of information you share with the media to allow the team you are playing against to prepare for. You’d let the Eagles prepare for Romo and then at the last possible second, tell them Orton is playing. This would be the most likely situation if Romo were 100% not going to play. That’s not what happened though and as the situation developed, it has gotten even more confusing.

On 12/22, the reports were that Romo was done for the season. 2 days layer on 12/24, Jerry Jones isn’t ruling out the possibility he will play. So what happened? The Cowboys realized how incredibly stupid it was to disclose Romo’s status on Monday and are now trying to deceive the birds by saying he might play so they prepare for both QB’s even though THEY KNOW HE’S NOT PLAYING. Are the Cowboys that mindful about the psychological edge surrounding this game? Or, Romo may actually be able to play. Either way it’s pretty brilliant mind games by the Cowboys heading into the final week of the season. Surround all this attention on your QB situation that you take away from the down and dirty details of the game. Whether that works or not, I wouldn’t think so but it’s definitely worth a try if your starting QB can’t play the biggest game of the season. I never trust the media in situation like this because they are too easy to mess with. Best to just ignore it and prepare for THE COWBOYS, and now who is the QB.

Who doesn’t want this guy to play?