Over my left eye you can see a red mark that could be considered a pimple but it’s actually not. At 30 years old, you’d think that I’d be passed any semblance of pimples but you’d be incorrect. My mind always thinks that pimples aren’t that big of a deal but when I get a nice red zit protruding from my forehead, I reconsider that stance. This little guy (it wasn’t so little) wasn’t a pimple because in my mind, a pimple pops. This bastard was a rare flesh eating disease.

I tried to leave a cliff hanger on that last paragraph. Flesh eating disease is probably an exaggeration. It was a red mark that has been there for over a week now and it wasn’t like popping a pimple but oozing blood. So this isn’t your commonplace pimple. It’s something that I’d consider going to a dermatologist but the idea of spending money and them telling me there’s nothing wrong would bother me. It was so absurd that I even purchased some Neutrogena Vanishing Cream but its performance was ineffective. Let’s just say it bothered me enough to make a post about it.

Red marks on your face are something that are a way bigger deal to you than to other people. You can look in the mirror and see a pimple and you want to stay inside all day. But when someone sees you, they glance at your face, think nothing, then move on with life. When I see someone with a beast from hell, it crosses my mind that it must suck to have it but I don’t think any less of the person because they have a skin blemish. In your own mind however, everyone is focused in on your face and thinking you must be part of the lowest form of society.

I know I’m a weirdo, but whenever I get something out of the ordinary on my face like this, I immediately think to why it could be occurring. Meaning, what in my life have I altered that could make this happen. Is it my diet? The people I’m around? My environment? I don’t believe that these things don’t happen for a reason and I always consider this. Same thing when I get sick. My first thought was that I’ve been eating these Dunkin Donut sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich. The Pres wrote a post that if you get anything other than coffee, doughnut, or bagel from Dunkin, you’ll get a disease. Another possibility is that I started going to the gym and I used a towel that has been in my closest since the last time I was at the gym (6 months) and I hadn’t washed it. Either of these two thoughts could have caused this monstrosity. It’s been about a week since I’ve had it and it’s on its last breath. Thank heaven.