I don’t have a blog. I’m embarrassed when people will be like “oh you blog.” If someone came to me and said read my blog, “I’d be like no way, blogs are for fags.” You certainly can call this a blog if you wish but that doesn’t mean I will. I like to think of it as giving the public the insight of a 25 year old binge drinker who attempts to balance living a healthy lifestyle during the week and a drunk on the weekends. I keep this site to try to give some amusement to anyone who decides to read.

I’m going to use this next paragraph to describe my take on life. Today is the first day back to work for me after taking all of last week off. I haven’t worked in about 11 days give or take. You can do that when you are self employed. However, when you aren’t working, you aren’t making money. There is no paid vacation. There were many nights (all but 2) in those 11 days where I drank a shitload and partied too hard. This does not equate to good living. This makes my body angry and each morning you pay the price with a headache and a nasty dump. In no way whatsoever do I like this feeling. So why do it then? Life is too boring and too short not to. I know every person is different and I’m not calling anyone out but my idea of a good time isn’t watching movies on a Saturday night. Good stories are generally produced from too much alcohol.

I went to AC on Thursday night by myself to play poker. I sat there for 5 hours, won 52 bucks, spent 5 on a Power sobe and a bag of peanut m & m’s and 5 on parking and I walked away with a net gain of 42 dollars. I drank about 6 beers over this period, not many, and then went home. I wasn’t drunk and I stayed clear of every table game on the way out. Did I just have fun? Honestly, I don’t even know. Not doing any “real” gambling wasn’t much fun. I can’t have fun going out with no drinks in me. I can’t remember the fun if I have too much to drink and then I have to regret doing the fun things the next day. It’s a tough spot to manage.

I think what’s happening is I’ve come to a point in my life where it’s finally time to grow up and just be responsible. I’ve been getting wasted literally almost every weekend for the past 8 years. I’m not going to give up drinking. I don’t consider myself an alcoholic because I don’t need alcohol and I’m able to work the business and I keep myself in better physical shape than most. After you go through a “vacation” like I just went through, you just have to take a step back and reevaluate the situation. This is day 1 of getting back into regular me mode. I think you’ll notice that my posts will improve as the week goes on and I get more and more detoxed from these past days.

My phone is in working order again after I ran it through the washing machine. I got a new one because of my insurance and I was pretty impressed with the speed of the insurance company. Definitely worth the 8 bucks a month.

This week is a run everyday sort of week to lose the love handles that I put on by drinking too much beer. I honestly believe that running is the only way to get rid of love handles. Eating too much bad shit gives you a gut, but beer gives you love handles. Have to stay active, Phils 5k is coming up.