Who Walks Like This?

I’m love/hate on Taylor Swift but these are definitely some love pictures. I do notice she seems to be acting like she’s the hottest bitch and can’t nobody fuck with her. I suppose she’s right.






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Most Hated People at the Moment

People in power are downright dirty and have probably lied, cheated and stolen their way to the top. Here are the top candidates of the past few weeks.


Taylor Swift

K3oqm37Fuck the Swifties. Everyone thought Kanye was the mastermind but it’s actually T Swift. The whole “Kanye never showed me the lyric” act was put on blast by that massively bottomed woman and people started getting pissed at Taylor because she had agreed to its use. These characters are so goddamn calculated that I believe 0% of whatever it is they show the world. You should too. Here’s what really happened:

  1. Kanye asked Taylor a head of time if they could start some beef. She instantly knew the VMA’s were coming up (August 28th)  and that she hasn’t released an album since Oct ’14 and is out of singles.
  2. She agreed to Kanye coming up with the most far fetched idea (that she would have sex with him) and staged the call Kim snapped. Kanye has to involve Kim to keep up the ratings of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.
  3. Now the beef is back between the 2 parties and all media is eating up. It will be the most talked about story line from now until the next ridiculous set of events begins.


Donald Trump

giphyThe ultimate con artist. Do you honestly believe that Donald didn’t tell Melania to copy Michelle Obama’s speech? I imagine these two sitting in bed and Melania shitting bricks about having to give a speech because her English sucks. Trump doesn’t think twice and tells her to copy Michelle’s and we’ll figure it out later. No press is bad press and bad press is what Makes America Great Again. I don’t think he shoots from the hip as often as people think he does. He purposely pisses people off knowing exactly that he does and says wrong things. It’s like he bends the people as far as possible without breaking them. When I watched John Oliver’s episode on Trump University he made the point that Trump doesn’t sell purpose, he sells you an attitude. Same concept with politics. He has no clue what he’s doing with the policies but he makes you feel like you are part of a radical change by insulting others and generally being a bad ass.


Kevin Durant

0551639001457543927_filepickerSelling out is sad. Oklahoma City has a genuine affinity for KD and watching a player trade love for gold is hurtful. The Thunder were 1 game away from the finals last year until Klay Thompson went nuts. This was not a superstar who left because his team sucked. He left because he knows that players are only remembered for how many championships they win and adding his fire power to GSW should be unstoppable. How often do people reference Karl Malone and John Stockton? What about Patrick Ewing? Reggie Miller? Guys who don’t win are always second class and Durant sold out to be part of a team that won the most games in NBA history WITHOUT HIM last year. I hope that he fucks up the chemistry and the team completely falls apart. You have my word that at least 3 of the Warriors 4 stars will get injured next year.


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6 “So Hot Right Now” Female Celebs – Part 2

I came across these Katy Perry Golden Globes pictures and it moved me enough to create this type of post again. Part 1 of “So Hot Right Now” generates some of my best blog traffic so I may as well go back to what works. I also noticed I tended to pic girls who were older than the 21, Selena Gomez crowd which shows my affection for women my age.

6. Natalie Dormer

The picture comparing Natalie Dormer with Lola Bunny is classic.  The top comment from that picture is, “childhood boner meet adult boner”. Natalie also knocks it out of the park with her role as Margaery Tyrell in Game of Thrones. Awaiting her to get naked is always worth it. Her piercing eyes are what set her apart from others.  The shaved head look isn’t bad either and I was surprised to see she was 33.

Natalie Dormer as Lola Bunny


5. Lindsay Czarniak

This might only be me but I love listening to Lindsay report. She was a bit older than I thought at 38 but looks youthful. I’m attracted to her because not only is she good looking, but she has earned the respect of guys like Kornheiser and Wilbon. She does a good job in the difficult sports arena run by chauvinistic men.

4. Scarlett Johansson

She fills out the pictures if you catch my drift. She’s 10/10 body for me and an 8 face. The only movies that I can remember that I’ve seen her in are The Prestige (she looked great), Her (just her voice) and Don Jon (where I though she sucked and the movie sucked too as a whole so it may not have been entirely her fault). Looks fabulous for 31. The swimsuit pic is one of my all-time favorites.

3. Taylor Swift

This is actually not the look I go for but am including it for the sake of presenting a different body than the huge boobed girls I usually trend to. She’s tall, rail thin, and has an elegant look to her face. I know she got a boob job whether she admits it or not. There is also a sexiness factor to females who can sing and dance. As much as she doesn’t fit my bill, I understand how others love her.


2. Katy Perry

I’ve had her countless times in my post so I’m really only using her to show her Golden Globes dress which wasn’t quite as high up as the green Grammy dress but still not bad. She seems to be staying out of the headlines or maybe she’s just not finding the ones I’m searching for. Not having her #1 is a change for me but these times are a changin.



1. Sara Jean Underwood

She’s a strong case for hottest woman on the planet. Perfect proportions. Her boobs are big but not too big. Her body is tight and her pictures on Instagram knock it out of the park every time. Only 2.4 million Instagram followers so I’m not alone in this hot take. I’m a strong proponent of her naked yoga (100% NSFW) if you’ve never see it. Perfect 10.

Sara Jean Hot Gif

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Taylor and Katy Have Bad Blood

katy-perry-taylor-swiftI was in my car listening to Bad Blood by Taylor Swift when I started considering the song’s lyrics and how it’s a response to the feud she is having with Katy Perry.

My younger self would have said, “Taylor hates the bitch because Katy hired some of her crew during a tour in an attempt to sabotage it and Taylor wrote a song about her”, and I would have left it at that.  As I’ve gotten older I tend to ask more questions about the reasoning behind why artists do what they do and how this is probably just a ploy to get more listens.  Then I thought, why the fuck am I thinking about this and why do I care?


Why Do I Care About Taylor Swift and Katy Perry?

Taylor and KatyI know neither of them personally and I don’t listen to their music that often, however, I’m fascinated by the lyrics to this song and their meaning.  Does Katy really live with ghosts?  Was there ever really mad love?  What were the exact bullet holes?

The brain power behind labeling it as a response to their “bad blood” is the genius behind the promoters for Taylor Swift. They are getting me to care about this feud even though I shouldn’t. Why are celebrities put on a pedestal where we (the plebeians) care about their every move?

It must be the connection we have to their music.  The opening lyric to Teenage Dream is “You think I’m pretty, without any make up on.” (girls crave for this line)  Shake it Off (a song about not letting what other people say get you down) has 1 BILLION YouTube views.  BABY YOU’RE A FIREWORK!!!!!! (another up-lifter and no I’ve never felt like a plastic bag).  These all relate to human emotion in a very general sense which is why it is felt by so many people and why they have the power they do.


Back To My Car

You'll always have my heart.

You’ll always have my heart.

So now I’m back in my car thinking about all of this while Bad Blood is playing .  Why do I care about Katy Perry and find her magnificent breasts magnetic (why are these words so close?).   Why do I think Taylor Swift is a complete bitch for not letting her music go on Spotify?  Why do I wonder why there is Bad Blood when the answer to this question has precisely 0 meaning in my life.  I honestly don’t know.

This post started with no conclusion and I muddled through it with various observations but no meaning.  This is why I’m a two bit blogger.  I start a post with no end in sight other than the opportunity to post hot pictures of Katy Perry and to make some points about a feud.  Oh well.


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Who Listens to this Shit?

Taylor Swifts Vagina

Taylor Swift Camel Toe

Taylor Swift – Shake It Off
The song is about the media getting on her shit and her shaking it off. The second verse speaks to her doing her own thing and the critics don’t see that. Wild dance moves try to distract from the terrible song. That’s seriously all the substance to the song. Don’t worry, it’ll be listened to by millions of fans and brainwash everyone.  I forgot to add a picture of Taylor Swift’s camel toe for SEO.


Katy Perry – This Is How We Do
Do what? I listened to the whole song and still have no idea what we are actually doing. A few of the lyrics:
Playing ping pong all night long, everything’s all neon and hazy – I find no double entendre here so we just play ping pong
This is how we do, yeah, chilling, laid back – This is pretty much not doing
Day drinking at the Wildcats, sucking real bad at Mariah Carey-oke – I’ve heard this lame joke before but can’t put my finger on it
This goes out to all you people going to bed with a ten and waking up with a two – Odd lyric.



What You Should Be Listening To

I understand people have their own preference of music and it’s wrong to judge but these songs are so far ahead of that pop that it’s not even close.  Follow my AltNation playlist for the most up to date alternative.

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