Are you on Drugs?

I wanted to start this post with two unusual things I come across and then go into a breakdown of my self.

First, they have a juice bar at LA Fitness names NRGize. I completely get where it’s coming from but the marketing genius’s behind this name may have had a screw loose. Now I don’t know if this is owned by a member of african american descent to make this name acceptable but from my perspective, I think they could have gone with something else. From what I understand, black people can talk to each other in this formality if they throw an a at the end of the word, instead of an er. I’m pretty sure white people should just delete it from their vocab. However, to display this juice bar’s name without noticing what this word looks like, seems a bit preposterous to me. Throw an E on the front and you can still be hip with your play on letters. I seriously hope this isn’t a chain and I am amazed how no one has mentioned anything.

I was watching Basic Instinct (great nude sharon stone scenes by the way, it’s on demand, encore I think but maybe hbo) and Michael Douglas says a couple of things he doesn’t do and one was he doesn’t look at his shit. Now if I had to go out on a limb here, I’d say most people are taking a look at what just plopped below. There are good reasons for this other than taking pride in what was just created. If you never look, how are you supposed to know you are healthy. If nasty shit is leaving my system, I want to be the first to know. This also leads me to wiping. When you are just about finished and take one wipe and you still see some remnants but you’re pretty sure you’ll just be wasting the tp with one more, do you chance it? Hearsay has it that my brother can go with as much as 15 wipes per sitting. This is a remarkable number but I think you can be damn sure he’s doing a good job. I’m a believer of wiping till there’s nothing left. I have a feeling though there are a lot of risk takers out there that will leave that last wipe up to chance and make some assumptions that may not have the best results. Just a thought.

Enough toilet and racial talk, let’s get down to business. After missing work on Friday due to being too inebriated and then I had a few faux pas’s Monday morning due to, basically an off day, JC asked me if I was doing drugs. Now I understand what he’s seeing. I blow off work a day for some reason and now I’m in the next day making some errors on minor details and he puts two and two together and comes up with this hypothesis. I am certainly not on drugs, however, if you read my blog you’ll know that I pretty much abuse alcohol. So obviously today’s day at work was a bit off and now I’m pretty much considering laying off the sauce (alcohol for the layman) a while so i can clean up my act and pretty much reset the tables. I actually feel that alcohol is affecting my life and decisions in a negative manner and it probably is best if I tried out the sober life. Gambling drunk is a losing proposition and the money I blow at the bar is beyond me, plus the lasting effects on the body. I’m not the type of person who can have a couple beers. When I drink, I try to get drunk. Alcohol hasn’t effected my life in such a detrimental way that I HAVE to come to this decision. I have practically no sour relations, no debt, no real issues that have come from alcohol (besides today’s incident which isn’t exactly anything), but I feel like I can be a better human being without it. I’m certainly not saying that I’ll never have another sip again because that would be ludicrous, but I just have to do a better job with it. I just want to point out this difficult conundrum. Having fun to me is drinking. If I don’t drink, it’s hard to have fun. I like to have fun. Let’s see what the future holds. I’ll throw the over under out there to the 22nd.