Neurosleep Review

The bottle is pretty slick marketing.

The bottle is pretty slick marketing.

After I finished working out at City Fitness yesterday, I was greeted by a pretty female rep for Neurosleep.  She had a stand set up with about 50 bottles of a Neurosleep product and was giving out free samples.  Normally this is something I walk past but I figured it was free and I wanted to cordial.  She gave me the spiel of how the drink helps you fall asleep by releasing melatonin and I took my bottle and headed home.

I showered up from the gym, ate my dinner, and then started continuing my education of the German language with the Neurosleep bottle next to me.  I had no idea what to expect so I twisted off the cap and the liquid inside was thin like water.  I took a sip and it tasted pretty good considering I figured it may taste like Nyquil.  As I started sipping the bottle, I noticed myself caring less about studying and more about closing my eyes.  I was already beat from the workout and this was just adding to my fatigue.  I quit studying and got ready to sleep.

I would say the liquid worked because I laid in bed, turned on sports radio, and fell asleep within minutes.  I awoke an hour later to some noise in my place but fell asleep soon after.  At 5:30 in the morning I woke up again feeling strangely refreshed.  As in I could have gotten out of bed if I wanted and started my day.  I was considering doing it but it’s cold outside and warm in bed so I fell back asleep for another hour and half and got up at my usual 7:15 time.

shavingcutI feel fine today and feel well rested after an 8 hour sleep.  All in all I’d say the product worked well because I was more tired after consuming the liquid.  I’m not really sure why I would drink this if I don’t have any problems falling asleep which I don’t.  There was one odd thing that happened though which I can’t fully pinpoint on the drink but it’s so rare that I think it was.  I hadn’t shaved in 5 days and had a mild stubble going and I felt something irritating on my skin.  I shaved off my facial hair and cut a part of my face which was raised and irritated.  It wasn’t like a pimple just a rash I suppose.  It went away after the nights sleep but I’m always cognizant of new things that enter my body and the effects.  Either way the product seemed to work well but I don’t see a use to it.