Maxim 100

This needs discussion.  I’m not impressed with Maxim’s 100.  Their #1 is just not #1.  This is Olivia Wilde from the OC and House.  I don’t watch either.  She is probably not the hottest girl in her home town, let alone the world.hotwilde10

Megan Fox is #2.  She told the world she is bi and is probably hotter because of it.  I’m usually not a huge fan of darker hair but her face really is beautiful.  She has this video done by Esquire of her waking up in the morning eating a sandwich and drinking a beer and it’s really hot.  I still don’t think she’s #1 but top 10 probably.megan-fox-hottest

I’m not going to dissect the list completely but I’ll write my top 10 and who I think they have too low and too high.

My top 10

10) Jennifer Love Hewitt – Not a flattering pic, how could this girl make it to my top 10?


I’ve just sort of always had a thing for her after watching HeartBreakers.  That’s a non porn movie with adequate spank material from JLH.  Even growing older she’s still hot.  Another great scene is I know what you did last summer (or I still know) and she’s in the rain look hawt.


9) Marisa Miller – Not too much to say, just a hot chick with a nice rack.  I think I’m a sucker for this picture which makes me put her high.


8) Megan Fox – See Above

7) Catalina Cruz – Only pornstar to make my list and probably can’t be taken seriously with her double D’s.  Nevertheless, I’m sure she’s probably made millions sucking.


6) Carrie Underwood – Sort of wholesome girl with no defects.  I don’t even mind her music that much.  I think I liked Before He Cheats whenever that came out.   Good to see she didn’t blow up like Kelly Clarkson.


5) Jessica Biel – Great shot in whatever the I now pronounce you chuck and larry.  Also great Bikini scene in Stealth.  I actually liked Lucy more in 7th Heaven, what ever happened to her?


4) Christina Aguliera – This picture is just a knock out and why I have to put her high.  I believe she had a kid but wow her perfect blonde hair and nice figure make her high on the list.


3) Julianne Hough – I’ve mentioned her before and she’s pretty much perfect.  Looks good in her juicy fruit commercial or whatever brand it is, I’m too focused on her to know what she’s selling.


2)Emmanuelle Chriqui – Sloan is awesome.  Just gorgeous and flawless.  Seriously she just owns.


1) Stacy Keibler – What can I say, she tops my list.  Her hair is perfect, her face is amazingly pretty and her body is fit as can be.  She doesn’t have a huge pair which you’d think would be essential to my list but in this case it doesn’t matter.  This girl has the girl next door look with long legs and great features, My #1.



Jessica Alba – I watched her lackluster appearance in Good Luck Chuck and this girl just plain sucks

Cameron Diaz – Just don’t see it, she’s fugly.

Rhianna – UMMM # 8 on Maxim list?  No.