Feeling Good

I took the day off to go golfing at Talmore Country club with Weller and CK4 and I enjoy days like these like no other. First off, I wake up completely sober and feeling good which differs from every weekend. Plus I know that it turns it into a 4 day work week which is also nice. Finally, I imagine this is how people who are independently wealthy live their life. They wake up in the morning, do what they have to do, play a round of golf and just enjoy the day. Day’s like these are what I would like to have as part of my repertoire.

I’m going to go through my round hole by hole so just stop reading if you don’t like golf. I decided to keep the big stick in the bag today and just try to stay in play. I hit my 3rd shot on a par 4 from 75 yards to two feet to par the 1st. I was back green in two on the 2nd hole and made bogey. 3rd whole I was errant but found it and made bogey. Par 3 4th I was on and made par. The 5th I hit a rocket of a drive but hit my 2nd OB and ended up making bogey. Bogey on 6 and then a triple on 7 when I hit a PW 145 over the green into some bushes. I played 8 and 9 in regulation for pars on both and a 42 front. Fine drive on 10, nice approach shot on and a dreaded 3 putt birdie opp for bogey. 11 I hit a bad 2nd shot into some marsh greenside, bad chip, 3 putt for a double. 12 was a par 3 that I hit on and pared. 13 was a hard par 5 that I made bogey on but misplayed with a poor 2nd shot. 14 was a par 3 that I should have parred if I could chip but made bogey. I played 15 in regulation for a par. 16 I was long behind the green and made a 7 which could have been better. 17 I made bogey but a good chip would have given me a good chance at par. 18 I hit a drive onto another holes fairway and hit a 2nd shot to a green side water. I dropped and ended up making bogey for a nice 88 and my best round of the year so far. It’s pretty obviously that I play better when I’m sober and I was happy to play well on a nicer course.

After golf I called XM and got them to charge me $60 dollars for 6 months of service instead of $212 for a year. I just called and told them that it isn’t fair that they give their promotions to new customers when their existing customers have to pay full price. Then I said what happens if I cancel my service and what’s going to happen? You are going to send me notices at a reduced rate to get me back so you might as well just give me the better rate now.

After that I ran to the track and did 3 miles at 5:49 pace and a couple of quarters after that and then 6 minutes of a stair workout. I bought some new shoes that are wider and they really are more comfortable and I wonder why I haven’t been wearing wider shoes for years. I also signed up for the ING Distance Run which commits me to doing it and gives me about a month to get in half marathon shape. I can probably finish 6 or 7 at 6:00 pace which is my goal pace, but I’m a ways away from finishing 13 at that pace. I just need to keep myself running daily and not taking days off from being too wasted.

I really feel good about things and I’m hoping to get a grip on my life and rectify some mistakes I’ve been making like drinking too much and throwing away money. I’m trying to turn over a new leaf here and I’m hoping things will improve for the better for myself. I’m also going to attempt to be nicer to people because I’ve taken a view in the past that the majority of people are idiots ,but I will also begin to give them the benefit of the doubt and let them prove to me they are idiots before I assume so. I’m looking forward to work tomorrow and getting some things handled that have been looming in the wings.