Just Because

Just because I’m not trying to take too many days off posting I’ll put something on the site.

So because I have some ideas in the works and this isn’t one of them, expect it to be pretty lame. I didn’t go to work today because I got too drunk last night. Go Go Gadget was performing at Mad River and they had 2 dollar you call it and 2 dollar bud Lights. I went out to dinner with my Mom, then to LA to run 3 miles in 17:13 AFTER eating a full dinner and then Wagon and I went to Mad River around 9:15. First off I love Mad River because they understand that guys want to get served their drink by hot girls. I really don’t know if opposite holds but if I opened a bar all I would hire would be hot girls. So I start off drinking single rum and cokes. I have about 4 before I convince the bartender to start serving me doubles. It got to be 10:45 and to take full advantage of the special I bought a double and 2 coors lights (which I also convinced the girl to sell me at 2 bucks). I told the wagon to hold the two which gave him about 3 to hold and I chugged my double like it was a mind eraser and then went back and got 2 more coors and another double. At this point the place was fairly crowded but not packed. I was obviously pretty smashed at this point but I wanted to tell this one girl that I wanted to take her out in real life. Honestly, that was going to be my line. I never did ask her but if she reads this (she doesn’t) the offer would still stand. So we took a cab back and next thing I remember was the wagon telling me it was 8 and if I was going to work. I went back to bed and woke up at 1:30. It’s 2pm right now and here I am. I ate some eggs and actually don’t feel that terrible. I’m going to go the gym and play some poker and then call it a day. Obviously getting fucked up tonight. There’s a day in my life.