The Best Post I’ve Ever Made

man-crying-e1375385140592I know this is going to sound crazy but the post about the 6 hottest celebs is the best post I’ve ever made.  Sure it’s NSFW and filled with pictures of hot female celebrities but in terms of work put into the post and how it turned out, it hit the mark.  Every single file name was titled appropriately.  I made every title of each picture fit what was happening in the picture.  I even made a caption for each picture. The gallery’s worked out well and the Gifs at the bottom were good close outs.  Each celebrity was relevant and hot and I picked pictures that have to be in their best ever taken.  All that being said, what did the post produce?

STG_YOUR_BLOG_SUCKSI made a wall post on the Katy Perry’s Rack Facebook page and left a link on Maxim’s Twitter.  The amount of FB shares on the page is 5 which is well above the normal 0.  My Broad St post brought in 38 shares for a benchmark.  With this minimal effort, the page did not bring in more than usual traffic.  This is the life of a blogger.  The satisfaction from additional traffic doesn’t correlate to how good the post is.  It’s bittersweet because I know internally that the site is improving and producing solid content.  Other people are not benefiting though which is where I’m at a standstill.  I’m not the type of guy who is going to make self improving bullshit to actually help people.  I’m going to create posts that when you come to the page you are entertained for a brief moment.  That’s it.

With this being said, I want to bring back the poll to get an idea of how many people actually read this site.  I’m not threatening that I’ll never post again unless I get a certain amount of people, that’s childish.  I want to understand how many human beings read these posts.  All you have to do is click the poll.  I’m hoping for more than 10 and max out at a star shooting 50.  38 people is the max any one of my polls has ever gotten.

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The blogosphere

I spent some time trying to network this blog a little bit by signing up to some blogging sites and registering with google and yahoo. So I just googled rnningfool and broke into tears when I saw my link come up first with that description. So I obviously put that in there but I didn’t really expect it to be displayed like that. Nevertheless, I’ll monitor traffic coming into the blog. I was also trying to set up an rss feed within wordpress so people could click on the google link and have my blog updates added to their google homepage. I’m sure I will eventually figure it out but the idea of people caring enough about my homepage to set this up sort of freaks me out because I don’t really crave attention. It’s not really that I want people to come to my site but it’s more a challenge to me to see how many people I can actually get. Sure there is the possibility that you’ll have thousands and thousands of people visit and then you can sell ad space, but this is merely a pipe dream.

I actually posted in a forum asking for some advice on maybe how to make the site look nicer or things I could improve on and got some interesting thoughts. Someone commented on a theme. So people actually will take something like LPGA golfers and devote a site entirely to them. If you’ve ever heard of “the best site in the universe” (google it if you don’t) this guy doesn’t have a theme. He just writes whatever he thinks and it’s hysterical. That’s my plan. No ads, just 100% my mind at work. I was also informed that I’m violating copyright laws with the pictures I put up. So be it, if I’m asked to remove them I will. I may however be trying to take this to the next level with more research and more time spent on it. I basically am looking for something to do so maybe this will fit nicely into my schedule.

I watched Yes Man tonight with Jim Carrey. I wouldn’t recommend it. He’s a bit older now and still does the same Ace Ventura bits. The movie was average but I actually like the idea of saying yes to everything. It would make for a more interesting experiencing. If you forced yourself to say yes when someone told you to dance with some chick or talk to the hottie by the bar, instead of thinking you’ll look stupid or acting like a pussy, you just do it. Maybe it’s worth a try. Other than that though, we have our last chance at catching a W in our bball league. We are 0-4 and the 2 games at the end are automatic L’s. The league is just filled with basketball players and we are just people playing basketball. Big difference in men’s leagues.

I’m waking up at 6:45 (it’s 2am now) to go see a property that we can potentially move the business to. My dad is looking at putting the building on the market within the next week or two so that will be a big deal for a while. If the building gets sold quickly for what my dad is looking for (it won’t is my guess), it will be a significant life changing event. I’ll have to wait and see. I actually enjoy these sober days because I’ve worked out (4 miles in 23:20) and am feeling good compared to weekend hangovers. I’m healthy and have little to complain about. Just waiting for something to happen.

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