There was a comment left that read this; “Thanks for posting, I very much enjoyed reading your most recent post. I think you should post more frequently, you evidently have talent for blogging!”

Yes I just did use a semi colon which was probably completely out of context.  The person’s name was My amazing weight loss story.  I’m thinking, “wow that was a really nice comment.”  Naturally the person’s name was a link to a website that I clicked on it and my antivirus starts spazzing out.  So wishful thinking.

I watched Pineapple Express yesterday.  The crew that makes up their movies is funny.  I’m not necessarily getting tired of them but it’s a bit unusual to see the same people make up different roles in a lot of different movies.  James Franco is good and Seth Rogan seems to always make up a good role.  The movie was good but not great.  Mostly entertaining with a few laughs.  I don’t know where they were going with the girlfriend subplot, that just seemed out of place.  I just ordered it from comcast for 5 bucks and I really have to commend them on the convenience of getting a movie to you.  I’m pretty lazy and would never go to a video store so the chances of me seeing this movie before it makes it to premium channels (probably soon anyhow) was slim.

It is Friday though and the week was short and hopefully the weather will become nicer.  Let’s get drunk.  Some people would probably put an exclamation mark at the end of that last sentence but I really have a problem with them.

A final thought, if Adam or Evan read this I just want you guys to imagine me as Will Ferrel in Step Brothers at the wedding and me saying “this GAME is horseshit” referring to Acey Deucy.  Evan you won’t see that money in your lifetime and I refuse to play any card games with the Cohens.

OOOH look at the bird.

I wonder where it’s going to land.