Sixers Photoshop

If this ever gets stolen, I’m fairly certain I created it.

It took me a while but I got to mess with a lot of different skills. Embiid’s legs were shopped if you couldn’t tell. I had to add his hand in too which if you look closely, is not really his hand. Dario’s head was cut off so I had to add back his hair which I did a good job of. The Hinkie blended background turned out pretty good and I like the Dario flames. I’ve come a long way from when I first started. I’m understanding how to use the basic concepts and now it’s learning how to use all of the tools. Not only what they do, but using them effectively. I’m starting to get back into it so hopefully some more progress will be made.



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DraftKings Golf is the Best $33 Spent Each Week

This week's lineup. I also practice my Photoshop

This week’s lineup. I also practice my Photoshop

I’ve been doing the DraftKings golf each week for the past month or two and I can’t tell you that I’ve had any more fun over 4 days for $33 bucks. One week I did a $3 dollar tourney, and Shee did a $33, and I felt like a peon so I have to endorse the $33 each week. Going to and watching the leader board as your players play is a charging feeling. If your 4% guy for $6,500 is doing well you feel like a freaking genius. Last week Adam picked Bryce Molder who was in the lead after 2 days. You don’t even have to like golf. Think of it like an $8 a day entertainment with potential profits if you can pass 6 guys (which I rarely do). On to the sweat.

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Mural Update

I haven’t shown the mural in a while.  I’l also show off my developing Photoshop skills.  Obviously the lighting needs work as you can see it’s daytime with a nighttime background.  I could do it better but I’m setting the bar low.



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Mural and Work

I’ll put together a before and after once it actually finishes. Also here is a link to our work blog if you have an interest in the industry our company operates in.

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