Calvin Johnson - Brandon Carr

Here are a few interesting quips.

Calvin Johnson vs Brandon Carr
Megatron finished with 14 catches and 329 yards on Sunday which was 7 yards behind the record. It was Brandon Carr’s job to cover Calvin Johnson. “We were confident in the gameplan,” Carr said. “I tried to go out there and battle like I said I would. Just got to lick my wounds so to speak and get ready for next week cause I’ll be back.” “That’s what he does; that’s what Dez (Bryant) does,” Carr said. “Those types of players have a knack for getting the ball and can jump out of the gym. His quarterback had a lot of confidence in him, hung the ball up to him and he came down with the catch. “It was challenging. Like I said, we never had an answer for him. That’s the guy they kept feeding and we just didn’t adjust quick enough to take him out of the game. They rode him all the way to victory. “I battled with him,” Carr said of Johnson. “He made some plays. It was a big task and I knew that heading into the game, but I wasn’t going to shy away from it. If I could do it all over again, I wouldn’t shy away from it again.”

Is Brandon Carr to blame for this monstrous game had by Calvin? Of course not. He’s 6 ft tall going up against a mammoth man at 6-5. Not only is he physically superior but he’s more talented in his football abilities. His speed, his jumping, his hand eye, his route running, and the idea that the offense knows where the ball is going makes this an unfair match. Still, how do the Cowboys let him go for 329? It’s one thing when a WR gets you for 100 yards it becomes a thought to double team him. When he hits 200 it’s apparent you are up against extreme talent or you need to change something to focus on this player. At 300 you aren’t understanding what is going on. Ryan Broyles isn’t going to beat you here. Brandon Pettigrew and Joseph Fauria can run 10 yards after the catch. But to let Calvin Johnson go for 329 is unheard of. I wanted to make this about Brandon Carr and how he failed but this one rides solely on the Dallas coaching staff. I bet Dez was desmerized by Calvin’s performance.