Parking Flaggers
Parking Flagger

I’ve been amazed at the upward trend of this occupation. Their job is to wildly wave flags and point cars towards their associated parking lots. It does make a lot of sense because most people coming into the city have no idea where to park and what lots are open. It’s a huge difference when a bro is waving you to a lot than knowing the lot is there. Problem is that they tend to do this in the middle of the street and it seems like they want to get hit. There are even rivalries between the lots. I saw one bro for 3 days straight doing this job and on the 4th day an opposing guy came out in a suit and checkered flags. If you drive here on nights that events take place, you’ll see these guys. It obviously works too because they are everywhere.

Non-Homeless Panhandlers

Homless Panhandler
The people who live on the street panhandling aren’t who I’m referring to with this post. This post is about the people who stand in the middle of the street at busy intersections, with a “my life sucks” sign who walk up and down rows of traffic. I saw one dude wearing a polo and jeans doing it and knew something was wrong. I’ve also seen people with one leg (he probably tucks it up), war vets, and the jobless (this is their job). I don’t want to have to feel bad that I’m not giving them money which is inherently what happens.

Faux Runners
Fake Runners
You see tons of these people around the Art Museum and Kelly Drive. They’ve got the expensive clothes, the overly designed shoes, the fanny pack with energy bars, and are way to emotional about the experience. Runners run for a purpose, as in they are training for something or they get enjoyment from the process. Faux runners run for a few reasons of which are attention and a false sense of accomplishment. I think running is an “in” thing nowadays and it’s obvious why, it keeps you slim and everyone can do it. These people are everywhere in Philly.