ck4bird (400 x 500)
I watched our rec team play a game of basketball last night and it was borderline post worthy. I know Ck4 eats this stuff up though so I figured I’d satisfy his appetite. My shop skills are still coming along as I wanted to change the jersey number to 4 but that wasn’t happening unless I spent the day doing it. Onward to the game.

The team started down 11-2 and I thought that it was going to be a long game. Jeff and Chad subbed in and it was an immediate spark plug. Jeff hit a J and then CK4 started unloading. Jumper. Jumper. Jumper. The other team didn’t know Ck4 was a shooter until he knocked a few down and even then he couldn’t be stopped. It was a scrappy game and the halftime score was only a few point difference. Ck4 started off the 2nd half with more knock down jumpers and had 2 assists in the game which I think was more impressive than the shooting performance. Jeff had a huge 3 point play to seal the game and the team ended up winning by 5+. It was a well played game but the storyline was Ck4. I don’t know how he doesn’t play for a year and then comes out guns a blazing. At the end of the game Baker was speechless and I think that was the correct response. There’s your moment of glory and recognition Ck4, see you on the golf course.