My life has turned into a step by step manual. Everything I’ve been doing lately has been new and requires a tutorial. What’s been happening is that since a lot of these endeavors are first time things to me, I’ve been doing them fairly well but not exactly right. Although I’m sure you can “chalk it up to experience”, I have a boatload of items that aren’t done correctly due to my ineptitude or lack of knowledge. This is probably easier in list format.

Installation of a new sink
Single Sink
The picture is a pretty good depiction of what my sink looks like. When I bought the house I knew that the faucet was loose. The guy doing the inspection mentioned something that it’s a simple fix with a washer. So when I get to this little project, I’m not too sure where the simple part lied. After un-screwing the faucet, there were a bunch of pieces and nothing seemed easy. I decided on purchasing a new faucet to solve the problem. Simple enough except that the faucet I bought didn’t match up directly with the sink. I had to drill holes through a piece of wood for it to stay and then still the plastic washers were too big for the sink holes so I couldn’t secure the sink properly. I ended up putting putty around the sink and it’s functional and sturdy but I know it’s not how a plumber would have handled it. The installation of the pipes though was the easiest part which I was most worried about. I will say though that that tight area under the sink definitely drew a few swear words out of me.

The Ikea Vortex
Ikea Pooped On
If I go the rest of my life and never have to see an IKEA instruction manual I will die a happy man. In the past week I’ve built in this order: 1) Bureau 2) Desk 3) Chairs 4) TV Stand 5) Desk Chair. The bureau went well and took 4 hours with only 2 minor mistakes that took place in the drawers but wasn’t costly. The desk was put together 100% successfully. Laura and I made a minor error in the slats on the chair and have the velcro pointed the wrong way. I made an error in the TV stand on step 2 and it made the entire project wrong. I have a board that goes vertically flipped around and now the cabinets only open 3 inches and the wood is exposed. There is no going back. The desk chair was the easiest and currently working fine. These 5 projects probably took about 10 hours of my life and I wouldn’t care to do it again. Ikea is reasonably priced for what you get and that’s all I have to say about that.

Photoshop Tutorial

I’ve been watching a 27 part series on Youtube of how to use photoshop. It’s been pretty overwhelming but the more I use it the more I pick up on how to make the pictures look better. If you’ve been following the past few days you can tell I’m having some fun and I have to think I’ll continue to improve. I’m also looking at learning German as I’m planning a trip in a few months so it would be good to know. The photoshop though will take this blog to another level.

Comcast Headache
Cable Guy - Suit Yourself
I get a bill from Comcast that says $334.44. I know that at the end of August I suspended service, transferred service to my new place, and I even had a 70 dollar credit because I was all paid up early. So this bill was much to my surprise. After a phone call for 20 minutes I got the billing all straightened and needed to activate my 2nd box for action. I waited another 25 minutes and went through the process of getting the box activated. I hook up the TV yesterday and I don’t get any channels. It’s typical Comcast. I love their service, I really do, but their service is incredible. Not good incredible, just unbelievable. I’m trying one more time tonight and then I’m going apeshit.

Miscellaneous Issues
The lock I complained about last entry still isn’t fixed. My cords around my TV are everywhere. I have a desk and a table in the living room that have no place to go. I didn’t know what day trash day was so I have an inordinate amount of trash. I’m getting a couch delivered tomorrow. I have city parking now. I’m way behind on Homeland, Boardwalk Empire, Walking Dead, and Eastbound and Down but at least I can watch now. I finally was able to run today even though my knee isn’t strong enough for full speed and I had to cut it short at 3 miles but at least I can get a sweat in again. Work is relatively good though as the new website launched today. Life is good, stay tuned.