Rnningfool Analytics

Here are the stats from rnningfool.com (you have to click the pic to enlarge). I’m sure most of you don’t care but some may find the traffic of a personal website comparison over the past 2 years interesting. If you’ve been following the blog for years now you’ll recall a time period where I was getting heavy Brandi Passante traffic. This was when Storage Wars was hot and they were getting millions of viewers a week. I stopped following it once the initial interest wore off and fake rumors started appearing. Nevertheless this was a big time period for the blog because I created a picture that had a mug shot of Brandi next to a real picture of her and this made a top spot on Google Images. This can be seen by the orange line in the graph. As of today this traffic has all but stopped but a few other of my pages have hit which is boosting current traffic which is the blue line.

I think it’s safe to say that my ability as a blogger increases year over year. I try to update the look from time to time and hopefully you find the posts more insightful than previous years. I know I’ve moved away from a more personal blog, like what I do on a day to day, but I still throw in entries like that from time to time. In order to cater to anyone who reads this it doesn’t make sense if I blog about my experience at Fireside Trivia. I’m still confused by the sites bounce rate dropping to under 10% after the recent theme change so if anyone has any clue, please enlighten me. A theme doesn’t drop a bounce rate from 80% to 10%. I’ve been pretty pleased though with the new update except that I don’t utilize either of the feeds enough and I haven’t had the time to start working through some of the minor details to improve the look. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

The same idea of getting the audience involved still escapes me. I’ve added one new twitter follower and you can see the instagram stats. I notice it’s not that easy to tweet or take pictures of post worthy things all the time. In my mind I envisioned wild parties and hot girls constantly on the right feed but that isn’t the case. I’m much more boring than I imagined. I have my eyes peeled though and will continue trying my best to make this site the best possible.