My jaw dropped when I saw this picture of McKayla Maroney. I tried to embed the tweet but it wouldn’t let me so I took a screen shot it and posted it which I’m sure is completely illegal. I know this girl is only 17 (4 months to go) but what a fine fox. You’re telling me that not only is she this damn attractive but she’s also THE 2ND BEST VAULTER IN THE WORLD! Looks and talent oozing out of her. She was a god send to this obese and pathetic society of Americans. She should represent our country in every single international matter. We are bombing Syria? Let McKayla inform them. I’d listen to anything she said intently. She is owning Twitter, Instagram, and Keek (like I watch her videos…) right now. I’m well aware this is probably creep status but at this point I don’t even care. This post has my best chance of getting views because this girl is on another level. Barstool refers to her as “bitchface” and I’ve considered boycotting the site because it’s so offensive to something so awesome. If she ran for office, I’d vote for her even if her policies were to exterminate all human beings. Mr & Mrs. Maroney, please have more children.