I’m posing a series of questions that I find thought worthy. I have put some thought into the wording and ideas behind each one and hope that they make you pause and think for a minute. My pictures were also carefully chosen which I’m going to try to more of in future posts. I hope you enjoy.

Texting Times
If 90% of texts are checked within 1 minute, are you being rude by not responding within the first 5 minutes? Is the grace time 1 hour? Do you give it a day? Does no response at all make you dislike the person? Should how you respond to a text dictate how people perceive you whatsoever?

Oral B vs Crest
If Oral B’s floss breaks between my teeth, is there ever any reason to give any of their other products a chance when my Crest floss not only fits perfectly between my teeth but leaves them feeling minty? Consider the downside of having 1 bad product in your offering and how that translates over to everything they produce.

Peart vs Moon
Peart vs Moon
If Neil Peart thought he had a drum solo that he believed no one else could play and he was right, would that make him better than Keith Moon? Or would Keith Moon have many solos that Neil Peart wouldn’t be able to play as well? The idea behind being able to do something that no one else can do should be a strong consideration for being “the best”.

Until the End Of Time
Is there any healthier way of conquering something than by experience? Viewing the picture, how does a young boy challenge players who have played thousands upon thousands of games and have success? Does talent always trump experience?

Excersise vs Diet
Do you believe it is healthier to exercise and eat whatever you want (junk and fried foods) or do no exercise but combine that with eating healthy (fruits, veggies, diet)? Obviously doing both would be preferred but if you had to choose one, what style is preferred?