So I’ve gotten decent feedback on the videos and I’ll post them from time to time intertwining them with the text. I made it to work today at 9:30 which is better than not going at all. I was up till 2:30 or so last night so I’m working off not so much sleep but I’ll make due. I put 6 chicken wings in the oven last night and passed out while the oven was on. Wagon alerted me of it this morning. I did this before in Summit where I burnt a Cordon Blue to a crisp. I’m not sure if that’s a fire hazard or not but I would sure feel awful if I burnt the house down, but Tommy want wingy (Tommy Boy for the slow).

I forgot to add some commentary about last night because I just remembered it now. Wagon was in rare form. I wasn’t as drunk as him to start and he would literally just approach a girl and pretty much didn’t take no for an answer if she didn’t want to dance. He told me he liked this one girl in red and I was like ok I’ll talk to her. So at one point in the night I went up to the girl and her friend and I said that my friend likes you. She kind of blew me off so I started talking to her friend. So I asked her her name and it was so loud that she said it once, twice, three times and I still couldn’t hear it so I just walked away. Also one of my friends tells me that all girls are whores and I found one last night. I think Chad might have been dancing with her at one point but it’s like the situation and a robbery was in progress. Literally the girl was all about me thrusting my crotch into her backside. I was hammered at that point so I was fine with it. Seriously these Thursday nights are not to be missed. The place was packed like a weekend. My goal is to get a date with the bartender who did a mind eraser with me. Hopefully I’ll see her tonight.

Anyhow, I liked the comment about my grammar. I do try to do the best I can with spelling and punctuations but in reality I have no idea how to do it properly. If I think the sentence needs I comma I just throw it in there. I get the feeling that people actually like reading viewing this material which somewhat shocks me. In no way do I think of myself as popular but it’s nice to know people like viewing what I’m doing.

Remember the days when you could dial without area codes. 7 digits, that was it. Bud, I was trying to think of my number at 1715 Fort Washington but couldn’t, if you could comment on what it was I’d appreciate it.

And seriously if you understand the thought that went into that title, you have to give me some props. I have an idea to bring the video camera home to get some rare footage of hammer time which I’m sure everyone will find amusing. I’m a little bit worried because when I get in that form I’m pretty much capable of anything which scares me a bit. I also want to point out that my blogroll has one person and it’s pretty much a derivative of me. As Jeff from Grandma’s Boy would “Your Shit’s Weak.”