I had some time to kill today and decided to go to Best Buy to buy a CD for my car. In the age of Ipods and cell phones with Wi-Fi, you’d think I wouldn’t be require a CD. The thing is that I pay for my radio listening with Sirius Radio so I feel no need to play music for free by downloading. However, every so often I decide that I need a break from radio and decide to concentrate on an artist. I had listened to all the CD’s in my car, Bruce Springsteen Wrecking Ball , Young the Giant Young the Giant, The Greatest Hits of Squeeze and Oingo Boingo, and Led Zeppelin Mothership, it was time for a change.

I go into the store and into the CD aisles. There are 5 smallish aisles and they barely stock anything but the biggest names. 1 to 2 copies of most decent artists. I see John Fogerty’s new album Wrote a Song for Everyone and decided to keep searching. I needed something that was going to blow my mind as I listened to it because it was replacing something that I pay for. At some point a female employee who appeared to have nothing to do asked me, “if I needed any help?”

My response was, “Just browsing, thank you though.”

What my mind actually thought, the conversation within, was “#1, Do you know anything about music? #2, Since I can listen to almost everyone of these CD’s on the shelf through Spotify, there is almost no chance that I want to spend money on A)Something I’ve already heard B) Something that is less than 4 stars (out of five). Unless the artist is brand spanking new and is dynamite, it’s hard for me to gamble on the unknown. I’m going to need something that is quality oriented throughout because I like to listen to my CD’s all the way through. I’m a fan of Zeppelin, REM, the Beatles and can also enjoy Capital Cities, Fitz and the Tantrums, and the Limousines. With that being said, can you help me?

After reading the dialogue going on in my head and the actuality of the situation, what would you have done?

There is virtually no downside to option 2. I say something pretty pointed and either she is amused or is clueless. At least it’s doing something. I opted for #1, obviously, but was well aware that I could have changed this situation completely with an honest answer. The fact that I didn’t reveal the truthful response, or at least a better answer to her question, is a character flaw. Getting comfortable in these situations and tailoring them to meaningful interactions in life makes the world more enjoyable. This is something that takes time to develop. I remember reading a Malcom Gladwell piece explaining how having a vast network of people, or at least knowing people who do, is a tremendous asset. Doing what I described above is taking advantage of that.

Since I’m sure you’re dying to know. I ended up purchasing the Doors Greatest Hits for $11.99. There are 34 tracks on the 2 disc CD and I’m a value shopper. I considered a few of the Pink Floyd albums I’ve never listened to before but I’m pretty sure I have them on file. Where is Lady GaGa?