… when indecision and stupidity cross paths. Today I nearly killed a homeless man when he decided that crossing the street on his red light was a good idea. I’m ready to drive through the intersection on my green light when this wild man decides that he is going to make a mad dash for the other side. I see what he’s up to and begin braking to allow him to cross when all of a sudden he decides to let me pass through by waving his hand. This is a two lane area and he’s standing in the one lane so I’m violently waving my hand for him to get on the other side. He finally decides to cross but not after I’d made moves forward on 3 separate occasions while he’s trying to figure out what to do. So a quick analysis can break down what happened and why it happened.

Not following the rules of the road. Red means stop, green means go. This applies to walkers as well. The rules are created for safety and for everyone to have a standard to abide by.

Indecisiveness. If he started walking and kept walking, it would have made the problem go away as quick as possible. By hesitating he creates confusion in both himself and now everyone else around him.

Drugs are bad MMMMKay. Hard to say if this maniac was on drugs but usually drugs & alcohol lead to bad decisions. Trust me, I know.