The Limousines - Hush

The Limousines – Hush

There have been quite a few new releases of highly anticipated albums lately such as 30 Seconds to Mars, Vampire Weekend, The National, Daft Punk, Portugal The Man, and Capital Cities but I’ve found the Limousines album Hush the one I’ve been listening to the most. I imagine most people probably have never even heard of the Limousines but their last album produced hits like “Internet Killed the Video Star” and “Very Busy People“. Without getting into too much background info, their record label didn’t treat them fairly and they looked towards Kickstarter to help them raise money for this album. Initially planning to raise $30,000, fans donated $76,000 before the 30 day close. This huge success for the Limousines leaves them contract- and label-free for their Hush Album.

I went back and listened to their first album (which I never had all the way through) and Hush is much more refined. The songs contain more meaning lyrically and have the ability to draw you in. The album kicks off with 3 songs that won’t get the attention that they deserve. AltNation has already started playing Love is a Dog From Hell but Stranger is the best song on the album. The line “I want to love you in real life” sticks. The next track that I look forward to is Wrecking Ball. It’s an upbeat song that gets you grooving. Every song has lives off it’s own merit though and that is something you don’t find often. The last album that I would listen to every single song all the way through and not get annoyed with certain ones was A Silent Film Sand & Snow , which I also believe was underrated. The album Hush is still relatively unknown when I see the views on Spotify on Youtube but I wouldn’t be surprised if this album starts getting some more attention once people get the chance to hear it more often. Give these songs below a listen and see if this band is for you.

Limousines – The Stranger

Limousines – Wrecking Ball