The hashtag has lived its life. It was short lived but I’m fully committed to killing it. This is a good description of the hashtag which was popularized with Twitter. Here is also a guide on how to use it.

In Twitter, the number sign is called a “hashtag” and it’s used as a way of grouping or categorizing tweets, as Twitter does not have that functionality included. This allows you to go to Twitter Search, search for the hashtag and then follow all comments that include it. So in real time, you can follow the comments and respond to them, creating a conversation about a given topic.

What’s happened is that people have overused the hash tag and annoyed virtually anyone who scans twitter (or facebook). If this idea were only used for categorizing tweets, that would be great. Problem is that people nowadays just hashtag anything that they want to describe. This creates a headache because most people are stupid and not funny or creative. So now the masses are killing something by overusing it and their overall witless nature is burying it.

I like the idea of a descriptive hashtag to describe something. People can be concise and humorous at the same time which is a win win. I don’t like when idiots use 5 different hash tags to describe the same thing. #beautiful isn’t a good hashtag. I wrote a tweet that said “Jennifer Love Hewitt got engaged. Unless her tits are out, nobody cares.” (Can you copy and paste tweets?) I should have went #titsorGTFO. I personally think that is moderately funny and worth the hashtag. I believe there is a place for the hashtag but it’s not for everyone and shouldn’t be used without thought. #Greatpost #AwesomeBlog #rnningfoolformayor