With the Broad St Run going on Sunday, I’ve been on a non-alcoholic binge. I spent Friday night beating Bake and Shee in mini-golf (with a chip from the rocks I might add)and then woke up on Saturday fairly early. I tried on my suit for Laura’s wedding which fit fine and then headed off to Sam’s final track meet at Ursinus. He ran the steeple chase and won the B heat. I then decided that I wanted to play golf so I went to the nearby outlets and bought a polo and shorts and made a tee-time. As soon as I arrived they paired me up with a twosome and I was off.

This was the 4th consecutive round that I jumped out of the car and directly to the tee-box with no warm up whatsoever. It is getting kind of old but being able to play immediately after getting there is an acquired skill. One of the people I was paired up with was a guy who said he had tried to get in Q school and at his peak was an 8 handicapper. I thought this might be a good learning opportunity. Alas it wasn’t. The guy played slower than molasses and wasn’t nearly good enough to warrant the time on every shot. We actually let a group play ahead of us which I would never agree under normal circumstances. At 13 I told them I had to move along and walked the rest of the holes. Something amazing happened at hole #17 that was magical. I hooked a tee shot to the left and it banked off an electrical box to land directly in the fairway about 30 yards in front of the green. I hit a magnificent chip shot and holed it in for birdie. Something other than me made this happen and it’s events like this that make me believe in a higher power. I ended up playing the final 5 holes without my slow partners in +1 and finished with an 85. I was pretty satisfied. I hit some huge drives but also had a couple of misses that caused some bigger scores. After the round I headed home and now I sit here ready to go to sleep to run a quick time tomorrow. I’m aware posts like these are lousy but I figured it was better than nothing.