I don’t share my dreams because I usually don’t remember them however this particular one stuck with me. It’s almost golf season here in PA and I’ve been getting antsy to play. The weather for March has made it difficult with a half inch of snow here or there and temperature typically in the 40’s. Yesterday finally almost felt like Spring had sprung (it didn’t) but I think that’s what had my mind turning to golf.

I was with a group of 4 and we were playing at a course completely unbeknownst to me, probably made up in my mind, but it was beautiful, green, and lush. The first hole was a majestic Par 6 that looked to be about 700 yards. There was a group of players who just teed off from the tips and were your typical aholes who thought they were way better than they were. This being the first round of the season for me, I hit from the white tee boxes to try to be respectful. Oddly enough there were 4 older gentlemen in lawn chairs who acted as the starters. When the group ahead of us got a bit out of range they signaled for me to tee off. A guy in my group was like, “He can’t go yet, TC can crush the ball 500 yards.” The old gentlemen started cracking up in delight. As I approached the tee box for some unknown reason I felt really rushed. I kept reaching around in my pocket until I came up with this enormous 2 foot tee. I started pushing it into the ground until it was mostly in but my ball was still teed up about 6 inches. I thought to myself I can’t waste anymore time and I better just tee off with the high tee. I took my back swing and was unbelievably off balanced but I kept going just because. Closing my eyes and swinging with all my might I swung my driver and clipped underneath the ball sending it shooting immediately up in the air. As I watched the ball my mind saw the ball flying way out into the distant fairway. If this was real life my trajectory was about as high as a building and distance was out of sight. Yet as I admired the ball traveling, the reality of the situation came into play and I completely hit a pop up and the ball barely reached the front of the fairway and rolled into the rough. The elders were cracking up and I hung my head in shame as that dream sequence ended.

I know there are people who believe that dreams can tell you something and I’ve given little thought to what this could mean. It’s like I’m aiming for the sky and going to fall completely short of what I’m trying to accomplish while being rushed to get there. It’s like I’m trying to arrive at my destination too fast and even though my mind has great ambition, reality doesn’t get there. At least that’s the literal sense for me.