In a big time clash of two of the most popular TV shows, HBO went straight at AMC’s juggular which is quite admirable. The Walking Dead’s Season 3 premiere brought in 12.3 million viewers compared to 5.1 million for GOT season 2 finale. With those numbers being so far apart you have to ask why HBO wouldn’t just wait until next week and compete against only the premiere of Mad Men? With all that being said I have seen every episode of each series and have developed opinions on each which I’d like to share.

I’ve found Season 3 of the Walking Dead to be easily the worst so far. I’ve read some opinions saying this is the best season but we must be watching different shows. The action is slow, the plot boring, the characters stupid, and I only watch it because I’m invested. Spoilers ahead so don’t read past here if you don’t want me to ruin it. Thank god Andrea is dead. The show really wanted to turn her into a prime character but at no point in any episode did I care about anything she did. Can someone also explain to me how she got out of handcuffs with pliers? I don’t think I’d be able to get it out if they gave me the key in that spot. Switching gears, The Governor kills most of the crew and the other two lackeys are cool getting in the car and abandoning the scene? Why did they flee the prison anyway? They had 40 people entering the Prison and got spooked by some smoke? Plus I swear in the beginning of the Season they said the group is about 100 people and after all the casualties they had a sizable army entering the prison. I also want to point out that not one person was shot during the prison raid which is comparable to storm trooper aim. Every Carl scene makes me hope he gets killed sooner rather than later. I get it, he’s turning into an unemotional monster. No one cares. The whole season was a complete let down in terms of how good Season 1 and 2 were. 2 ended with the awesome Shane scene and the whole farm escape, that was cool. 3 had nothing of the sorts. Major disappointment.

Game of Thrones was lacking in action for a season premiere which surprises me a bit. This doesn’t really bother me because I’m not watching the show expecting something awesome to happen every minute. I’ve read the books, understand the story lines, and watch to see how the producers have them play out. My brother watched this episode as his first episode ever and I’d think he was bored throughout it because nothing happened. Margaery being a total babe is nice to look at though. Tyrion is still dynamite in every scene he’s apart of. Davos and Stannis are sort of lame for a reason I can’t put my finger on. Daenerys’s storyline is coming along nicely and I’m anticipating the action ahead. Barristan the Bold is a welcomed addition to her party. Rob Stark appears on screen and nothing happens time and time again. Jon Snow and the Wildlings will create some nice action shortly. I think the show does a great job pulling the storyline at a pace that isn’t too slow and keeps it interesting. AS A WHOLE, this show is working at about a 9 of 10 and the Walking Dead limped in at a 6.