I just read about this story. This feminist –

– who overheard these men at a conference and tweeted this –

– and everyone got fired. Two guys were talking about “forking” and “dongles” at a nerd convention, this woman overheard them talking, took their picture and posted it to twitter portraying them as male chauvinists. This is her opinion on the matter, “Richards explained her perspective on her blog, But You’re a Girl, saying she took the comments for as long as she could, but when she saw a picture of a little girl onstage, she felt she needed to make a stand for her and all the women who have not considered technology as a career path “because the ass clowns behind me would make it impossible for her to do so.”

The line has to be drawn somewhere because this is completely out of control. This woman has no business sticking her head where it doesn’t belong. Bro’s will be bro’s and I’m pretty sure she wasn’t in their conversation. If it bothers you that much, move somewhere else. Instead this feminist posts this picture (WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU POSTING PICTURES OF PEOPLE YOU DON’T KNOW ON TWITTER) and blows everything out of proportion as only feminists know how to do. I can just see these two nerds sitting together cracking jokes under their breath and this woman having nothing better to do but eavesdrop and make a stink of the matter. This actually bothers me because if two woman were talking about getting laid last night and I overheard it, would I take offense? No, I’d think it was awesome and quietly creep the conversation. Get your head out out of your ass Adria! What was her end goal other than being a nosy feminist? She deserves to be fired but I have to say death threats and physical harm are completely overboard. Her tweet got her the attention she asked for…and a pink slip to boot.