The great thing about life is that things are constantly changing. Some people can even predict it in 1996 (the days of dial up).

What we are seeing is a decline of Facebook, and an emergence of Twitter. Facebook was in its infancy when I was in college. I remember the excitement of meeting a chick at a party and then making them your Facebook friend. This allowed for the possibility of banging them which would never (still didn’t matter) happen otherwise. As your friend list grew your self popularity exploded. It was a glorious thing. Now almost 10 years later, my parents and their friends are all on Facebook mingling and I can’t find a single person on there who I see on a routine basis. Out of the 350 people on Facebook, I probably interact with 30 or so and the rest are pointless updates from people I don’t care about. I would say the biggest travesty and fraudulent act (I’m stealing Shee) is people wishing other people Happy Birthday. Ask yourself a question, if Facebook didn’t remind you of their birthday would you know it? So stop faking it. If you don’t agree with me that Facebook is dead, than you probably own a flip phone.

I personally don’t like Twitter as much as others. I find it difficult to come up with entertaining tweets and I also can’t seem to develop an audience. It’s one thing to spend time of thinking of a tweet when you know 100,000 people are going to read it compared to 30. Twitter is more dynamic than Facebook because you can follow anyone you want. You get updates from people who interest you (also cooler and smarter)and not your boring friends. I obviously have a few gripes though. Some people are constantly tweeting and re-tweeting and it’s a complete turn off. I pretty much will unfollow them immediately if they block up the feed. The other problem is that most famous people are just promoting their crap and not tweeting anything meaningful. I do like how I can roll through Twitter in a few minutes though and only take in what I want to take it. The Twitter hash tag can also lead to funny meanings (mostly misused though) and it’s very bizarre Facebook is trying to implement it in their own system. Personally I haven’t found anything funnier than Fukung’s tag system.

Would I want to own Facebook stock? Absolutely not. Maybe there is tremendous growth in under-developed countries and mobile shit but who really gives a fuck. Everything has cycles and that is especially true with technology. Things get old. Prodigy got old. Netscape got old. Aol got old. MySpace got old. Technology will come and go but the important part is to always adapt with the trends and recognize when they are happening. You can make a lot of money this way. I will give one important rule to follow that you should never, ever forget. Never listen to me. #Idontknowshit

What’s in? Amazon, Google, and I hope Samsung takes a giant diarrhea dump on Apple.