Every so often I read something that spurs a self reflection process and a blog evaluation usually goes hand in hand. This website may not have the biggest staff but I will continually try to make it worth your time to check in. The fact that I’m constantly trying to grow positively as a human being should at least create some interest in the development of this website. As of late, I’ve been continuing to read the 17 principals of success and am finding new thoughts to incorporate into my life. The latest chapter I read on imagination has given me a great new perspective in regards to this blog. I’m going to give you my opinion of my blogs life and then what I think should happen moving forward.

In the past I’ve made posts like this which are going about this blog the incorrect way. I’m wrong with this method because generating comments has to come about because the reader has something they want to share, not because I make them. Something that I write has to make you want to share some useful information. This is obviously challenging but understanding this sentiment is important. It’s up to me to come up with creative means of generating reader involvement. That will enhance the blog. Me interacting with other bloggers and on twitter would be helpful as well. How on Earth can I generate Twitter followers from this site?

The idea of bringing more people into the blog is also a good idea that is difficult to incorporate. A so called “guest” author doesn’t have any real reason to submit material. The only person benefiting is me. Sure they share some information but after the initial thrill of posting something to a website wears off, that’s really all there is. It’s the same idea that their has to be a mutual benefit for it to work. I do believe that more input though is critical to the next level. One person can’t do it all by themselves.

Moving forward I have to stop doing this for myself and start thinking about the people who are reading this. I think I’ve toyed with the idea of making this about the readers but never really fully committed. This website has always been my personal ideas and I’ve never really given a shit what anyone wants to read. I’m still not exactly sure what people want to read but at least I have this concept in focus

I think the site has come a long way though from where it was. There have been drastic improvements in topics, post content, and just general readability of the blog. I haven’t seen a major breakthrough in traffic but in due time. The idea that I’m not centered on any one topic keeps the search engines away. Having a definitive aim on a specific topic would keep this site more on point but I would have way less fun doing it. That being said, you’re stuck with what I think.