I finished in 60:15 which was 15 seconds off my goal and finished in 170th out of 23,000 people.  I’m pretty pleased with the result.  If I had a couple of more weeks to train I think I could have dropped a minute or two off my time.  I felt pretty good the entire race.  My legs started to fatigue at mile 7 and I dropped to probably 6:15 mile pace for mile 7,8,9 but the last mile I finished at 6  pace.  Next race I”ll do will be the Sea Isle 10 miler in August I think.  Then the Distance run in September and I’ll contemplate the Marathon in November but most likely I won’t be motivated enough to train for it.  If I’m not going to take the race seriously and train I don’t see any point to doing it.

I actually enjoyed my sober weekend.  I woke up each day feeling good and got things done.  I have one more book to read before I exhausted everything I bought from Amazon.  I started Schindler’s List and Get Shorty so I’ll finish them this week.  I’m also going to start a poker tab up top to give an overview of the games I play and money I try to make.  Other than that everything is business as usual.  People have been told me that my posts haven’t been as good lately and for that I’m sorry but my life isn’t non stop entertainment, my bad.