Start by watching the video and then you can understand where this criticism comes from. I have multiple questions. How is this being authorized by the Guinness Book of World Records as a world record? How is this woman the competitor? How does she shatter (pun) the record by 5 tubes? How does the organization allow this to be shown on television without realizing that it makes a complete mockery of their world records?

I remember being in elementary school and being fascinated by the Guinness Book of World Records. Tallest and shortest, skinniest and fattest, slowest and fastest were all substantiated records. Even whacky things like longest fingernails, most tattooed woman, and biggest bagel at least have an understandable target. The above clip is stupid. The record makes absolutely no sense. Who is jumping off trampolines and breaking bulbs? How about highest jump off a trampoline for the record? WHY ON EARTH IS THIS WOMAN THE COMPETITOR? Who was the non-athletic loser before her who set the record at 15? You’d really think that Guinness would be asking themselves these questions before they let this air.

Unless I’m missing their goal which may be to make more common people think they can break their records, I would think this would dumb down the brand Guinness and it makes me think like any twerp can set a record. I believe it’s important to maintain a high degree of integrity when you are establishing so called “world records”. This does not hold true for the breaking tubes off of a trampoline. Can anyone else tell me how lousy that jump was? Classic scream at the end.