Humans have been able to create ideas that you or I would never have even thought possible. To even comprehend how far we’ve advanced in the past 100 years is mind boggling. You think Thomas Edison could have imagined there would be a means of communication where we click a button and information can be sent thousands of miles away in an instant? As I get older the more I feel ideas like teleportation, cloning, universe travel, time travel, are not out of the question. The world and it’s possibilities are endless and to think otherwise (or not think at all) is wrong. I”m learning that keeping an open mind to anything and everything is a good idea because impossibilities don’t seem to exist. With that little introduction in mind, I’m going to share three creations that spin my head.

The Compass
A compass
The magnetic compass contains a magnet that interacts with the earth’s magnetic field and aligns itself to point to the magnetic poles. Let’s just assume that being alive in 2013 would give us an advantage intellectually over people in the 1300’s when the compass was invented. I feel like I could wander the Earth for my entire life with the sole purpose of navigation and never come across this idea behind this instrument. I was sitting in a plane wondering how it knew which way to fly and thought of the compass. A magnetic field from the the Earth? The person who figured this out deserves a major pat on the back because he (obviously he) made navigation for centuries to come possible.

Favorite dinosaur? Velociraptor. I don’t even know where to begin on this one. Dinosaurs existed between a range of 230-60 million years ago. Let’s just comprehend this for a second. For 150 million years dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Humans have been on the Earth for roughly 200,000 years. The largest of these creatures grew to be 12 meters (39 ft) tall and 22.5 meters (74 ft) long, and would have belonged to an animal that weighed between 30000 and 60000 kilograms (70000 and 130000 lb). HOLY FUCKING FUCK. Just imagine if we had to worry about a T-Rex roaming our planet. This is the same Earth as back then. And here we are millions of years later living our pointless existences thinking the world revolves around our lives. You can’t even grasp 1) the time that has taken place 2) how badass dinosaurs were 3) how lucky they aren’t still around.

Space Shuttle
I’m just as fascinated by airplanes but the space shuttle is even grander. We (LOL I put myself in the we) can launch an aircraft which can land on a foreign moon 238,900 miles away. What? Most people have trouble programming their VCR (this is a better joke in the 90’s) and we have brilliant people in our society who can land a ship on a moon. When are the tours to the moon going to start? I want to be extremely clear on something, the Wright Brothers flew their shitty plane sometime in the early 1900’s. 65 years later we landed on the moon. If that isn’t progress I don’t know what else to say. THE DINOSAURS WERE ON THIS EARTH FOR 150 MILLION YEARS AND IN 65 YEARS, after flight, WE LANDED ON THE MOON. This should make your head spin and help you understand what crazy ass world you live in.

Nothing is impossible. Crazy ass shit happens.