I wanted to get the internet listening portion of Sirius added to my subscription because I had the premier and not the all access. This was the conversation that took place. I want to point out that at some portion of the conversation I got what I wanted and didn’t even know. I would go as far to say that I may have even had what I wanted already.

Tena Jones: Hi, my name is Tena Jones, Thank you for contacting SiriusXM. How may I help you?
Thomas Stortz: I would like to add the internet listening portion without paying any more money.
Tena Jones: I’ll be glad to help you with the information.
Tena Jones: In order to assist you with your request, I will need to access your account. For security reasons, can you please provide the following information?

Tena Jones: Thank you.
Tena Jones: There is a 7 days free trial internet subscription.
Thomas Stortz: I don’t need a trial. I know what it does.
Thomas Stortz: The customer rep I spoke to a few months ago said he’d add it for no extra charge. That was never done.
Tena Jones: There is a Internet subscription fee $3.50+taxes and fees/month.
Thomas Stortz: I don’t use it enough to warrant that fee.
Thomas Stortz: All I want to do is listen to the safety dance on Saturday nights.
Thomas Stortz: I’ve been a customer for 4 years, I don’t really think it’s too much to ask. What does it cost you?
Tena Jones: But there is no free Internet subscription Thomas.
Tena Jones: I understand Thomas.
Thomas Stortz: I pay 220 dollars a year! All you have to do is toggle a box from off to on.
Tena Jones: I am sorry to hear that.
Thomas Stortz: I can’t afford the 36 dollars extra a year and all I want to do is listen to the Safety Dance.
Thomas Stortz: Don’t take that away from me.
Tena Jones: Please go ahead with the All access package Thomas.
Thomas Stortz: What I’m paying for should encompass the all access package
Tena Jones: I have checked the account info that you have a All access package Diane.
Thomas Stortz: I honestly don’t want to pay any more money for you service. It isn’t worth more than 200 dollars a year to me
Thomas Stortz: Thank you.
Tena Jones: I am sorry.
Thomas Stortz: Is all access not internet radio?
Thomas Stortz: That’s pretty misleading
Tena Jones: It includes internet radio. and you can change the subscription to All access package.
Thomas Stortz: I’m not going to waste any more of our time but my request isn’t outlandish. What’s going to happen is I’m going to pick up the phone, say I’m going to cancel and then get into another back and forth with another representative. You realize I can cancel and get a better rate when I sign up as a new customer right?
Thomas Stortz: The fact that I haven’t done that should say something and I’m willing to pay your posted rates because I enjoy the service.
Thomas Stortz: I can’t even see what service I’m subscribed to with this interface on the website.
Tena Jones: May I know the radio ID?
Thomas Stortz: *********
Thomas Stortz: That actually isn’t the active one.
Thomas Stortz: Can I find it without going to my car?
Tena Jones: I am unable to locate the radio ID on your account.
Tena Jones: Please call us to fix this for you.
Tena Jones: In order to process your request please call Listener Care at 888-635-5142
Tena Jones: It’s pleasure chatting with you, do you have anymore questions for me?
Thomas Stortz: Final thing. I have XM premier right?
Tena Jones: I am unable to locate the account with the given radio ID.
Tena Jones: For this radio ID ******** †
Create Radio Nickname Active 12/05/2012 XM All Access – Sirius XM ALL ACCESS – 12mo – wActv
Thomas Stortz: Right, that’s the radio ID for my car. All access should get me the internet right?
Thomas Stortz: OK I see now.
Tena Jones: Yes, Thomas.
Thomas Stortz: Yes if I pay 3.50 a month right?
Tena Jones: This is the username ************** (Case sensitive)
Thomas Stortz: Thank you.
Tena Jones: There is no charge it is included in all acces package.
Tena Jones: Since we don’t have authorization to your password, I’ll help you with the steps to reset your password.
Would that be okay with you?
Thomas Stortz: yes
You will also receive a confirmation to the email address we have on file for your account.
Tena Jones: Do you have anymore questions for me?
Thomas Stortz: I do not. You’ve been very helpful.
Tena Jones: You’re welcome. I hope that I have answered all of your questions. Thank you for contacting SiriusXM and have a nice day.

Take Care!! Bye!!