I like fantasy football because it’s more than just luck. People love to complain how their opposition is putting up huge points or how their players are injured, but true fantasy owners know its bigger than that. Fantasy Football takes dedication for 4 straight months. Every week is important because it usually gets that close at the end. I’m sure people who know me will read this and say that I’ve just had a good run in recent years but that doesn’t stop me from making a post and breaking down my thoughts on another year of fantasy.

This year I did something I’ve never done before and purchased Rotoworlds Season Pass for 40 dollars at the beginning of the year. The best part of the Season Pass was the draft guide. As I was drafting I wasn’t just picking positions, I was picking the best available player regardless of position. I thought it helped tremendously and we’ll look at how it fared in all 4 leagues I played in. Aside from Rotoworld, I’ll occasionally read ESPN or CBSsportline, or maybe watch some of their suggestions on TV, but primarily Rotoworld. I also have to write one thing that I know not every owner does but should, go to the week # and filter it by projected points for every position. Simple step but often overlooked and is useful for the waiver wire. I also rarely will choose a defense early as I look for matchups. This year the Bears, Broncos, Seahawks, Texans, and maybe the 49ers would have been all season holds but I haven’t found owning a defense an entire year to make that much of a difference. I think a kicker is important too for what that’s worth.

League 1 was Bakers for 20 dollars. My draft projection had me listed as #1 (unfortunately) after the draft. I had McCoy, J Jones, Steven Jackson, Steve Smith, Gates, Manning, Garcon, and Andrew Luck, everyone else was poop. This team didn’t make the playoffs and was my worst team. I basically had no good pick ups or trades. McCoy, Jones, Steven Jackson and Gates all underachieved and I had no sleepers. I will never draft Steven Jackson again. Oddly enough, with the low buy in, this league hawks out the waiver wire.

Leage 2 was my Yahoo Pro league that cost 100 bucks and I drafted against 9 random people. How I couldn’t make the playoffs in this league was absurd as my draft once again had me at #1 (unfortunately). I drafted McFadden, Murray, Vick, Harvin, Dez Bryant, D Thomas, CJ Spiller, and Andrew Luck. Injuries plagued this team and I lead the league in points against. I still had a shot going into the final week but couldn’t pull it out and missed the playoffs by a game. There was hardly any presence on the waiver wire and I found myself not picking up guys because I thought my team was better than that.

League 3 is Steve’s and is an 100 dollar entry. This team benefited from the draft guide and one error by me that worked out perfectly. I drafted CJ2k, Cam, Jamaal, AJ in the 4th! (I didn’t draft Julio), B. Lloyd, Hernandez, Decker, and Andrew Luck. A big pick up of Randal Cobb in a middling week also benefited this team huge. Cam coming on at the end didn’t hurt. I am currently in the championship as a 17 projected point favorite. ESPN projections are a joke.

The 4th league is my favorite, Evan’s. At a 50 dollar buy in, it’s more than just the money. I’ve managed to win the league 2 years in a row and will now go for the improbable 3pete. Competition in this league is decent with 5 guys who pay close attention (the others probably not so much) to the waiver wire. I started off 1-4 this year and had a strong run towards the end when I traded Andrew Luck for Cam. I had no TE and Evan dropped the 2nd highest scoring TE this season which was a huge boost. This team started off slow but everyone just started coming on at the end of the season. I didn’t even get LeSean for the last few weeks. A Pete, Dez, Steve Smith, and Cecil Shorts just got it done in the playoffs. Having your players play good at the end of the season is probably the best thing that can happen to you. Rock will be my opponent in the championship who I believe has proven himself as one of the better managers in the league. A continuous bottom churn makes this league interesting.

Just a few parting words. I said it last year and I’ll say it again this year, Cam is 1st round material next year. Same with RG3. Teams get built around QB’s. Not surprising the two teams that I have in the championship have Cam as the Q. A Pete is the #1 pick next year, hands down. Shady will slip as he should. Ray Rice just sort of lingers as a top back and has been surpassed by Doug Martin. Foster should be 2. I can’t back CJ2k and Jamaal as their inconsistencies cause losses. AJ Green really cooled off towards the end and Calvin is undoubtedly #1 WR but I wouldn’t spend my first pick on him. B. Marshall & Dez are legit as Dez goes way later than he should. I see bigger things for Michael Crabtree too with Kapernick at the helm. I also believe it’s important to get a stud TE like Gronk, Hernandez, Graham, or Heath Miller. Another thing I see a lot is lack of moves. If there is no cap on the moves, get rid of the garbage and take some flyers.