Week 7 has concluded and this was my best fantasy wise and most interesting gambling week so far. I went 3-1 in fantasy mainly due to poor performances from my opponents. Evan and Sam laid eggs and I actually put up a decent number in Steve’s league. My records in the 4 leagues are 2-4, 2x 3-4, 4-3. This leaves me with fighting chances to make the playoffs in 3 leagues and a miracle shot in one. Everyone should know that in fantasy, making the playoffs is the most crucial part of the season and after that anything can happen. Never give up.

This was also my most profitable week sports gambling and that didn’t come without some drama and questionable bankroll management. This title was almost a football downward spiral by the way. First I’ll explain a major error I committed on Friday night. I put 100 dollars on the Cardinals run line and they lost. What this did was put me in a weekend hole betting a game and sport I know virtually nothing about. I followed this up with a bet on FSU vs Miami that I lost 40 bucks on. This brought me to football Sunday down a pretty penny. I had the Packers win for 30, Vikings push for 60, the Saints win for 50, the Browns-Colts over lose for 35, the Giants lose for 50. This brought me to the Pats game near even for the day. I laid 100 bucks on the Pats which didn’t cover at any point of the game. I had 389 dollars left in my account with 200 being my initial deposit to start the season. I’ll give the nod to the Shee for his Steelers pick, one I can’t say for certain I would have made, and I put 189 dollars which covered thankfully. This brought me to Monday night where I wrote this exact message to the Shee “The Bears have been playing pretty good and the Lions have been looking sub par. So that being said, it makes sense to bet the Lions.” I put 95 dollars on the Lions (+6.5) and they covered being down 13 for most of the game. Huge backdoor cover but exactly why this sport frustrates gamblers. Nothing feels better though than hitting the backdoor. This gets me a bit ahead of where I left off on Friday and I swear to have better bankroll management.