I feel pretty boring writing about football each week but that’s what I’ve been doing so that’s what I’ll write about. Primetime, our co-ed Football team name, won with a 2 score win over the opposition. It was a decently competitive game with Ck4 picking up 2 Td’s in his out of retirement game. I hurt my hip on the first play of the game and have been nursing it the last day or two. We played better but are still a far cry from a football team. Marcedes (Jkash) and his myriad of catches helped our first half scoring. People read if I mention him if you didn’t know that.

Ck4 also beat me in Fantasy Football for probably the 12th year in a row. That’s not accurate but it certainly feels that way. I also picked up a loss in Evan’s league which has me at 1-4 and if I don’t pick up some wins the 3peat won’t even have a chance. I can’t really explain it either but my fantasy leagues have just been lousy. I’m 3-2 in my 100 dollar pro league, 2-3 in Steve’s 100 dollar league, and 1-4 in Bake and Evan’s league The rotoworld draft guide has seemingly done more harm than good. Never say die though.

I had a pretty solid run in the NFL gambling wise. I’m not sure where I left off but Bovada has been giving me random free bets and couple that with some luck and I turned the 100 deposit into 527. I’m actually in for 2 hundred which makes me only net 327. However, I was 3-0 on NFL bets yesterday (not including my 15 dollar 5 team parlay and 10 bucks on Jackie Battle scoring the first TD of the game.) The Viking and Bears were superb picks and I was money on the Saints for a c-note. All signs point to the Texans tonight which obviously has me skeptical. I’ll probably hem and haw and then put a light bet on the Jets even though I’m certain they suck. Betting is funny though sometimes because betting with your heart is never as good as betting with your head.