I haven’t been posting much about my fantasy results and that’s because it’s been lackluster for the first 4 weeks. I’m running my standard 4 leagues and have records of 1-3 x2 and 2-2 x2. Everyone knows though that in fantasy football the goal of the regular season is to make the playoffs so it’s a never say die attitude. It’s hard to say exactly what the problem is but I’ve been getting no help from my non-scoring positions (K, Def, and TE) and my big names just aren’t the big names who are putting up major points. I didn’t play Hartline in 2 leagues last week and instead played Alshon Jeffrey which has me pretty pissed off. I suppose it’s good at least I have him.

On the betting front, I obviously wouldn’t post if I was down tons of money but I had a nice turn around this week. In week 2 I deposited a 100 bucks and lost it within 3 bets. This week I started off by putting 100 bucks on the Eagles which won 83. I then put the 83 (bankroll mgmt) on the Bears last night which netted 66. Finally I had 20 on Brandon Marshall having more receiving yards than Miles which proved correct as well. This puts me up a bit over 50 bucks for the season. This blog is a good way to document how much I win or lose during the season.