I’m reading the Advanced Genius Theory by Jason Hartley and Britt Bergman and felt the need to comment to my non-advanced readers. I’ll also point out that most people never reach advancement but at least being aware of it is a pat on the back. Clicking on that link and buying the book would make you advanced, downloading it on your Kindle Fire would make you super-advanced. You find comments like my above sentence often in this book except with much more thought. I’m hoping that me knowing that I’m making that kind of joke is a little advanced.

A few prerequisites of being an advanced artist is always wearing black sunglasses, having long hair in the back, and sporting leather (again black). These authors use music primarily as the focus but it has started to delve in sports and actors as well. I particularly like it because I like learning about music, if you don’t, you won’t like this book. A few of the most advanced artists are Bob Dylan, Lou Reed, and Elvis. Aside from the look, being advanced is doing things the way you want them to do them with complete disregard for critics opinions. There are 288 pages of this book that describe cases of being advanced so I can’t possibly try to explain (or even understand) everything it takes to become an advanced genius. Essentially, being weird and doing crazy things out of your comfort zone can make you extremely advanced. A good example is Snoop Dogg changing his name to Snoop Lion and making a reggae album. I guarantee those guys would look at that as Snoop trying to become advanced. Now if his work sucks and it’s a complete joke, than he isn’t reaching advancement but it shows he’s trying and is aware of advancing.

There real great thing about advancement is that there really isn’t an exact criteria. Things can become advanced because you say so. Now let the discussion begin.