I’m sure Sam will post something about this movie but I was watching it with him and took two quotes that I really like.

The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what we share with someone else when we’re uncool.” – I really like the bankrupt world aspect of this because most people believe the idea that currency is money and that having money makes you rich. By saying the only TRUE currency essentially dismisses any other superficial means like dollars. The idea of sharing your thoughts and ideas with other people is what makes you, you. Which is hopefully what I try to accomplish at times with this blog. The final statement of when we’re uncool is how most “real” people feel. Staying in and doing nothing seems to be the how you are in your realest form. You are yourself.

“Be honest, and unmerciful.” – This was the advice from Lester Bangs to William in how to write his article about the band. I think audiences want this more than any other fabricated piece of crap. Whether it be a blog, a newspaper article, or the cover of the Rolling Stone, unmerciful truth is the most compelling part. I’m going to really start to try to take this advice when writing these posts in the future.